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  1. they should only be in 18+ games
  2. like leisure suit larry ;)
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  3. There was a lot of 76 I liked. Gameplay was fine, map was cool (though I may be biased there), the idea and story of the Scorchbeasts was pretty neat, and they worked on the loot system to the point where it was pretty good the last time I played.

    The biggest gripe that I had was that the PvP aspect locked you into a bulky, power armor, mini-gun wielding character. I was having fun with a ranged character out of power armor, which worked well for PvE, and inevitably, as soon as I would finish some endgame content, some dude would roll up on me and I was basically defenseless.
  4. I'm back playing the witcher 3. By far the best game on the xbox one imo.
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  5. i havent kep up with metal gear series but the new one lloks sweet

  6. Just finished the witcher 3. Awesome, awesome game. Still have to play the DLC's.

    Wanted to try something else and bought Darksouls 3.

    Holy fucking shit this game is hard. I'm 15 mins in and i can't even pass the 1st guy.
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  7. Xbox has $2 for 2 months of game pass. Figured it's worth getting to try a bunch of games I wasn't sure if it was worth spending money on.
  8. Just started playing Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice and I'm 'shook'. So far a pretty bad ass intro and first level. Definitely fun for altered perspectives too
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    Definitely one of the best games I've ever played. About to beat it soon. The story is amazing. The flow of gameplay is perfect. No perceived load times because they use the story to make it not noticeable. The way they use the voices makes it seem so creepy and really pulls you into the game. The fighting is so smooth and it gives you a sense of panic that your character is feeling. I also like how the voices help you (and help give you a sense of panic) during the fights. The puzzles are so natural and aren't the generic "find key card A to open door B". I would highly suggest this game if you've never played.

    Me playing:
  10. Also, if you get that $2 Xbox game pass, Hellblade is on there.

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