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  1. they should only be in 18+ games
  2. like leisure suit larry ;)
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  3. There was a lot of 76 I liked. Gameplay was fine, map was cool (though I may be biased there), the idea and story of the Scorchbeasts was pretty neat, and they worked on the loot system to the point where it was pretty good the last time I played.

    The biggest gripe that I had was that the PvP aspect locked you into a bulky, power armor, mini-gun wielding character. I was having fun with a ranged character out of power armor, which worked well for PvE, and inevitably, as soon as I would finish some endgame content, some dude would roll up on me and I was basically defenseless.
  4. I'm back playing the witcher 3. By far the best game on the xbox one imo.
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  5. i havent kep up with metal gear series but the new one lloks sweet

  6. Just finished the witcher 3. Awesome, awesome game. Still have to play the DLC's.

    Wanted to try something else and bought Darksouls 3.

    Holy fucking shit this game is hard. I'm 15 mins in and i can't even pass the 1st guy.
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  7. Xbox has $2 for 2 months of game pass. Figured it's worth getting to try a bunch of games I wasn't sure if it was worth spending money on.
  8. Just started playing Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice and I'm 'shook'. So far a pretty bad ass intro and first level. Definitely fun for altered perspectives too
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    Definitely one of the best games I've ever played. About to beat it soon. The story is amazing. The flow of gameplay is perfect. No perceived load times because they use the story to make it not noticeable. The way they use the voices makes it seem so creepy and really pulls you into the game. The fighting is so smooth and it gives you a sense of panic that your character is feeling. I also like how the voices help you (and help give you a sense of panic) during the fights. The puzzles are so natural and aren't the generic "find key card A to open door B". I would highly suggest this game if you've never played.

    Me playing:
  10. Also, if you get that $2 Xbox game pass, Hellblade is on there.
  11. Bought Red Dead 2. Good God, 2 discs?! I can't wait until I can play it next week when it finishes installing.
    I've been playing Dead Cells. Very simple and addictive game. Basically hack and slash. But when you die you start from the beginning. You keep your upgrades so the more you die, the better gear you eventually get.
  12. I had a lot of fun with Dead Cells, got to the 4th difficulty and threw in the towel.

    Playing Borderlands 3 now, only get to play about an hour a night, so it's taking a while, but exactly what I hoped BL 3 would be.
  13. Heard good things about Dead cells yeah. Maybe i'll pick it up someday.

    Still playing DS3. Love this game so much, even it's hard as ****.

    Also picked up Illusion of Gaia/Time for SNES. Great game.

  14. After 6 hours or so i finally beat this ****
  15. Playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Good God, so much horse riding. It's a little ridiculous when the horse riding during the missions as I listen to NPCs talk takes longer than the mission. I'm trying to like it, but all of the horse riding is killing me.
  16. And online is fucking trash. Dudes running full sprint while shooting and killed my teammates with 1 shot. I hit one dude 4 times and he still lived. I get shot in the fucking leg and die.
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  17. I was really impressed with RDR2 at the beginning, but the game became a chore. It feels like they made the game drag on on purpose. The story isn't the greatest either.

    I haven't bothered with online. I kinda liked online with the original red dead, but after the whole Gta online debacle, i skipped multiplayer with RDR2. From what i've read so far, it's trash. Microtransactions galore.

  18. I'm playing online and if you don't mind grinding to make money then it's great. But making money is very very slow.
    I have played very little of the single player. I just keep hunting and doing silly shit, because as you mentioned everything else seems like a chore.
  19. That's a chore too.
    I should have waited for this to hit $10 bargain bin.
    I will say that I like the random encounters more than main missions.
  20. Me too. I have damn near no money, I have mediocre gear, am still only like level 12. Cause I hate grinding. I look for the random encounters or hunt. Or just mess around with NPCs. Lasso them and drag them off cliffs etc or in front of trains.
  21. They made it grindy on purpose, so you will likely pay real money to buy items. **** that.
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  22. RDR2 was an amazing environment and the prettiest game I've seen ever probably, but the gameplay was chorey
    I spent too much time looking to hunt then riding back for 10 minutes to turn in perfect pelts and I burnt myself out

    I got to the big city which was awesome and a cool juxtaposition to the untamed frontier, but it still just didn't hold my attention.

    Too much slow traveling. Also maybe it's me but the gunplay mechanics do not feel intuitive at all. I feel with the amount of people they have you gun down each mission(like 50 per), they should just make it a real easy auto aim (like gta v) so at least you feel like a god
  23. It pretty much auto-aimed for me. It must be my white privilege.
  24. but to snap to the next target you have to unaim then aim again don't you? clunky

    I bought the new ghost recon. Looks good, pretty cool, pretty unrefined
    If you wait they will probably patch it to fix some of the dumb over sights
  25. I read terrible things about ghost recon.


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