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  1. I forgot to mention that I played the new COD Modern Warfare. I haven't played COD since Black Ops II and luckily I just rented that game and only played for a day.
    I liked the 2v2 a lot. The ground war or whatever is pretty cool too. No loot boxes and new maps will be free. That's a plus. There were still times that kills didn't make sense. People taking direct RPG hits while 1 shotting you immediately after. The kill cams showed how off what happened was different than what I saw. Hopefully that's just because of it being beta. But it still wasn't as bad as the prior games.
    I also played the new Ghost Recon. It's better than the last trash game. Although I found you can **** yourself pretty bad taking short cuts. Getting stuck sucks lol. Going to wait until I can get a cheap used copy.
  2. i still play forza horizon. when the next motorsport comes out i'll probably switch back. i miss hotlapping and maple valley

    here's a 600LT

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  3. anyone played wreckfest? looks pretty awesome
  4. can't you just drive over grass and fly off hills and land like its nothing in horizon?
  5. yes and no. it basically has the same physics engine as motorsport so a RWD supercar is mostly going to spin out and be useless driving off road. however, you can basically go anywhere you want on the map so there's nothing keeping you on the road usually since you can smash through most barriers. there's a pretty nice mix of road cars, rally cars, drift cars, suvs, off-road buggies, etc.

  6. driving a lowered lambo on the dirt should be terrible only rally cars and trophy trucks and the like should work
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    Bought Dirt Rally 1&2

    The 2.0 is still on download queue for the third day, 81 GB is a bit much it seems. I have driven the first one now on two nights, Pikes Peak only and with keyboard, which works surprisingly well, there is a familiar Colin McRae rally feeling to it.

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  8. how are the physics

    I want to try out the Outer Worlds, first person rpg by the people who did fallout new vegas, but it is not a fallout property

    Someone here get it and tell me if it's good
  9. [​IMG]

    Not in purchase thread because nothing in this photo is newer than about 3-4 months, but since I moved, my gaming PC did get a bit of a new layout and new tidying-up. There are still too many wires in this photo, and I don't like it, so more tweaking to come.
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  10. I read only good things about it. My only fallout experience was fallout 4 and i really didn't like it.

    So i have no idea if i will like outer worlds.
  11. Played Kingdom Hearts 3 for a couple hours, i really don't like it. Clunky ps2 mechanics from the original are still there, more cutscenes than gameplay and the story is stupid. Meh.

    Wreckfest is fucking awesome though. Played it for 10 hours now and it's lots of fun.
  12. Bought Modern Warfare because the beta was pretty good and the first MW is my favorite FPS of all time. I couldn't stand any of the others. Single player campaign was pretty good. Not as good as the original MW. But, somehow they managed to turn what was a decent online beta into udder garbage. Literally one of the shittiest online games I've ever played. There are very limited maps. The spawn point are fucking stupid. Many times I'd spawn right in front of the enemy. Hit detection seems fucking randomized. I'd get 2-3 hit markers with an LMG from 20 yards, and not only does the guy not drop, he drops me with 1-2 hits. Kill cam shows how fucked the online is. 90% of the time it does not match what I see. A few times I'd throw smoke, and get shot from the other side. On my side, I only see smoke. On kill cam, I'm past the smoke in front of the enemy. Selling the POS tomorrow. Never buying COD again.
  13. Bought Just Cause 4 for my kids. It's actually quite entertaining, though kinda clunky
  14. That's what i thought. I haven't played a cod since the original Modern Warfare, but i only read shit stories about the newer cods. I aint gonna bother with this one. Also 6 hour campaign LOL

    The first call of duty is still one of my most favourite games of all time though. I used to be number 1 on clanbase in Europe lol. Too bad twitch and youtube didn't exist back then, otherwise i could've been rich.
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  15. all these Call of Medal warfighter world 1942 hellridge of fire Battlefield Remaster
    games are all jumbled into 1 big one in my head, i was tempted to get them all and play through each series in one go
    but even the older ones are still priced pretty high, i should probably just pirate them all but i never really figured out how to do it
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  16. Colin McRae 2.0 was my favourite rally game back in the day
  17. Loved colin mcrae 2

    Driving the focus and impreza was fun
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  18. Yeah I just beat it. I liked it because it didn't try to be anything more than stupid 'splosions fun. Grappling cars and people is super fun.
  19. Exactly. That's what I enjoy about it too. And my kids love it.
  20. holy shit remember how good ryanator was at video games
    I wonder if he's a streamer now
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  21. I have no interest or time for online multiplayer games. Used to be a ton of fun but I don't want to suck and I don't want to invest the time it takes to be good
  22. We're also getting old, hand/eye coordination of kids is better. We would get our ass kicked.

    I hardly ever play multiplayer anymore either, some racing here and there, but thats it.
  23. Oddly, I've heard LSD can make you pretty good at FPS games. So I've heard.
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  24. i used to play a shit load of diablo 3 with him. game lost its fun though and i moved on to path of exile

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