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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. also i've been playing through the games on the xbox game pass. first month is $1 on PC. i beat the outer worlds. been playing some slay the spire sometimes. currently playing through the gears 5 campaign. gears is so silly/stupid but a lot of fun
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  2. Outer worlds is okay. Feels like a Borderlands knock off. The characters are pretty interesting.
  3. it's fallout: new vegas on a budget
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  4. how budget

    is it recommended
  5. If you don't have any games taking your interest right now, it's a good time killer. But, it wont have you itching to get home from work to play.
  6. The writing is great. Conversation skill checks a plenty. It's witty and funny at times. The companions are mostly great. The world building is fantastic.

    The exploring is non existent mostly. The combat is dull. The maps are small. Some of the side quests have a ton of fetching to lengthen the game.

    It's almost more like mass effect with fallout new vegas conversations. I wouldn't call it $60 good. $40 would be perfect.

    Obsidian had to make it on a shoe string so hopefully I highlighted the areas they had to do cuts. Good news is Microsoft owns them now so the next game can hopefully can be open world with a full budget and won't be rushed.
  7. I've been playing Talos Principle. I've never been into puzzle video games, but I'm hooked on this one. I really like the story which is told by various notes and computer terminals.
  8. Told by various notes and computer terminals. Hmmm, where did i hear this before?

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  9. Just finished Super Mario Odyssee and now playing Luigi's mansion 3.

    Super mario is absolutely amazing. It's really really fun, allthough quite short. I finished it in one weekend.

    Luigi's mansion 3 is fun as well, however some of the stages have absolutely horrible controls.
  10. I picked up a Switch and a handful of games during the American Consumer Holidays. Mario Kart and Smash are as much fun as they have ever been
  11. lol
  12. MK8 is definitely one of my favourite games, but I've only played it on a WiiU
  13. I have mk8 on the wiiu and it's great yeah. I bet it's even better on the switch with all the dlc included.
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  14. Yeah tbh I've been considering picking up a switch lite just for mk and smash
  15. Mario party is fun too.
  16. Sonica Mania is also recommended.
  17. I have that Xbox game pass $2 for 2 months deal so I've been playing games I normally wouldn't give a second look at. My Friend Pedro is a pretty awesome game. It looks like it would be some cheap, bug filled game with shitty controls. The controls and gameplay are pretty on point. You can do cool flippy spinny shit and the gun play works well
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  18. Oh, you gonna get Mario Kart?


    Oh, you gonna get Smash?

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  19. I'm sure it wouldn't take me long to get back up to my previous full-on destroy-you level at Mario Kart if I started playing it again.

    Smash, on the other hand... I don't have anywhere near as much time on that game, but I did alright with Cloud
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  20. I'm legitimately bad at both at this point and don't really see myself having time to change that anytime soon. Honestly, I had no business buying the Switch + games, but... consumerism and it'll be fun for Christmas with my cousins and New Years with drunk buds.
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  21. Don't blame you tbh. Super entertaining games.

    A few years ago I was hanging around with some people who basically did nothing but play vidya gamez. I had a "first to 20" competition with one of the guys there. It was first to 20 overall wins of 16-race championships, and I think the final score was something like 20-17 to me, so over the course of a few months we had almost 600 races together. I got pretty good, although I didn't manage to learn many shortcuts.

    Getting withdrawal symptoms now lol
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  22. Hell fucking yes

    If you haven't played the first one you're a racist snowflake alt-right cuck liberal.
  23. First time i hear about this game. Looks ok.

    The new xbox though....what were they thinking. How is that gonna fit in your living room?
  24. Definitely play the 1st one first.

    Xbox and PS have that trial where you can play a bunch of games for a month for $1. It's there to play.
  25. is it that big? looks like 2x cable boxes, not too big

    IDK if I'm ready for a new console, current gen has had good legs and doesn't feel outdated yet. I guess thats the point of the new one, to make the current one feel shitty

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