Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. It's just a really odd shape imo. The xbox one barely fits in my furniture, this looks much bulkier.
  2. looks like a pc tower but I heard you can set it horizontally, right
  3. Yeah I heard you can have it upright or on its side. On its side it looks like it's about the same height as your typical home cinema receiver.
  4. Just bought Super smash bros and a pro controller. Man, the pro controller is so good.
  5. How do we add each other on there? It'd be fun to play against some of you guys.
  6. I have no idea actually. Maybe through userid? Mine is RJL1986

    I don't really play online though.
  7. I downloaded the Final Fantasy 8 remastered version.
    I havent played FF8 in like, 20 years. Still addictive.
  8. Outer worlds. Its good
  9. Dunno why i keep trying to play games like Sim City, they are clearly for Autists/OCD people, Tropico is the only one i can play for more than an hour.
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  10. cities skylines
  11. Cities Skylines is great, but also really hard to get right, or pretty looking.
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  12. nah its the most accessible city simulator
  13. sim city 3000 is still king
  14. Bought Assetto Corsa with all addons, Steam sale 11 euros. Playseat setup need a bit organizing, but we do have a three day weekend. :)
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  15. I want this game, but I'm not sure my PC is going to run it very well (it's pretty old)
  16. It's not that new of a game, but it is resource heavy. What are your specs?
  17. best smash controller is the gamecube one. it's like $20, get one

    could also be because of my muscle memory
  18. i personally dont like the playstation style with both control sticks at the bottom. the gc smash controller works just like a pro, so it can be used for any game but i like the pro/joycons for other games. the gc ones i have don't have rumble and i really like the switch's hd rumble
  19. best i could do a few years ago when i was really into the game. tons of mods used:
  20. What was the traffic like?
  21. cool

    boat traffic isso weird in that game, it would be a constant procession of giant container ships even with the budget turned down
  22. If I remember it was heavy but never jammed. When I'm back at my desktop later I'm pretty sure I have a gallery made up for Reddit that explained how I did some stuff. I definitely had to use the budget cheat so I could plan all the roads early. There's also a lot of tunnels. I may have also turned off death services because no city should have over 100 crematoriums. Starts to look stupid.

    I remember I also started a Midwest mega-opolis but burnt out. I'll see if I can find that too.
  23. I'm not actually sure any more, but it's got to be at least 7 years old. i5 of some description, 4GB RAM I think. I upgraded the graphics card a few years ago (read: actually installed one instead of using the integrated graphics processing) but I can't actually remember what I put in there. I think it was something like a 1GB GTX560 of some description
  24. Using that for Cities Skylines will be frustrating. I have a stronger machine than that and it's still frustrating.

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