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  1. yeah if it has WORSE gunplay than a bethesda game (and it looked like it did) I'm not interested

    I wish there was a good mass effect type game to play
  2. the story, atmosphere and world-building were great. the gameplay was lacking some and the areas were smallish. it needed more time or a bigger budget or both
  3. Playing NFS Heat. This game is pretty bad for a NFS game. It feels more like one of those cheap NFS clones.
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  4. You just want more lesbian alien sex action.
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  5. Been playing Animal Crossing New horizons. Shit is addicting.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Got the new anno game but haven't started it yet. Enjoying a skaven playthrough on Total War Warhammer 2
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  8. Seriously, NFS Heat is fucking garbage. I'm only playing it because I paid for it.
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  9. Humble Bundle had (might still have) a $14 charity bundle that includes 9 older racing games, Project Cars 1 & 2, Assetto Corsa, some rally and motorcross games.

    I thought Project Cars was supposed to have an insane library of cars to drive, but there's only like.. 100 or so?
  10. I've been playing Control. Pretty interesting story line. Gun play isn't great, but it's still fun. It's pretty easy to die, so you have to be good at dodging. You can go pretty much anywhere in the rooms, which can result in falling to your death or finding loot. The facial graphics are hilarious. 7/10
  11. Time to dust off Gran Turismo 2
  12. One if the best parts is watching this show:
  13. I completed Control. Pretty weird ending. Still 7/10.
    I started playing Vampyr. It's so boring, the dialogue is lame, and the fight system is wonky. I stopped after about an hour and now playing Horizon Zero Dawn. So far I'm liking it a lot.
  14. Bit the bullet and bought Cities Skylines on Steam.

    Checked the minimum spec requirements, and my PC does exceed them but I have to run at lower resolution and details on low to get it to run smoothly. GPU still kicks out a ton of heat, but it is stable. I'm a couple of hours in and enjoying it a lot so far. Just bought the next tile over so I can take advantage of the huge oil resources.

    If It continues to hold my attention I can definitely see this being the reason I finally start building a new PC.
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  15. Just bought Contra/Probotector aniversary collection on switch. Was only 10 euro.

    Pretty fun, allthough it's completely unplayable in handheld mode.
  16. it's a great chill out game
  17. the steam workshop really makes that game shine. i would suggest a traffic mod and the 81 tiles mod (does what it says, you can use all 81 tiles instead of just 9). there are also mods that will make the game preform and look better, like dynamic resolution, cloud remover, beach rock and bird remover - stuff that gobbles up system performance.

    also the assets. buildings, roads, cars, planes, intersections, it's all on the workshop. with the mods and a little bit of personality flaw, you can easily spend 100+ hours on one city, like i did
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  18. cities skylines and mods is like an infinite time sink
    I buy all the dlc just because I feel like I owe that team
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  19. After watching a whole ton of YouTube videos I'm going to start with Traffic Manager at the very least but I don't want to overwhelm my weedy little computer.

    I'm up to ~12000 population I think and I've almost entirely filled the first tile. I've got a few hundred thousand credits in the bank so next on the agenda is to expand to the next tile and work on some forestry and oil industry.
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  20. How does city skylines compare to simcity 3000/4?
  21. it's probably best to do your first city your own way. i made so many mistakes just drawing my own exchanges, causing huge back-ups and stuff. the trial and error was a lot of fun. then i went back and got a ton of mods and made a large planned city
  22. city 1

    city 2

    city 3 before i burned out

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