Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. so I have to buy a PS4 Pro
  2. Yes, following traffic rules, dealing with the AI which is quite poor at time especially in roundabouts, delivering the loads on time, planning rest stops there are also some pretty cool mountain roads, especially in the Alps and in Norway, but mostly it's just cruising on the German Autobahn at 80kmh watching the landscape pass you by. VR with wheel would be really cool, yes.

    Here's a screenshot of me delivering a pressure tank to Iceland (Iceland isn't in the normal game, but I use a mod that expands the map)
    [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Yeah I just Google the shit out of the snes version. So awesome. Absolutely one of my favorite games ever
  4. Is it 1:1 real roads?
  5. How are the crash mechanics? Can you run from police?
  6. I've seen some gameplay on the youtubes and it looks pretty dece, with some of the destinations being pretty challenging when it comes to parking, nice relaxing game
  7. I have a galaxy note 4. So not big enough I think. I have a galaxy tab as well. Might try it on there.
    Is it the shadowrun dragon age one or whatever in the app store?
  8. dragonfall seems newer than the one i played
    i played returns
  9. I will check em out
  10. Picked up Just Cause 3 today
  11. If it played 4K BluRays, I would.
  12. fallout 4 mods are NEVER coming to PS4
  13. Well looks like I will be getting an xbox sooner than later. Just on principle, I will be selling my ps4 soon if anybody wants it.
  14. when is the new model xbox coming
  15. Xbox two is due sometime between November 2017 and June 2022
  16. wait it doesn't why
  17. Anything you download and all games will be in native 4k. But the dvd drive will not read 4k discs.
    Which I don't really understand. How can it support 4k games and not 4k blurays
  18. Not sure, but its ridiculous. I was so looking forward to 4K video aswell as gaming. But my internet speeds suck, and Sony seems to only want to give 4K video through streaming. Definitely buying the Xbox Scorpio instead.
  19. Ugh, new Rocket League modes and whatnot, but I don't know what they did, but it went from super smooth to a kinda crappy 20-30 fps lagfest on XB1. Really hope they'll patch it as it's among my very favourite games
  20. Well I dont really buy Blurays, I prefer streaming so I guess its a caveat I can live with
  21. New Rocket League update, shit's been patched for XB1, it's the best game ever again now

    edit: also with a new soundtrack now, it's weird not hearing this song when starting it up
  22. Just played forza horizon 3 demo. What an absolute turd. Graphics are xbox 360 quality, fps gave me aids, the cars handle really bad and the demo crashed without it saving so i could start all over. Yeah gonna let this one slide.
  23. I cant suspend my belief enough to enjoy horizons
    why can an aventador cross a grassy field

    come on
    it should be all trucks and rally cars
  24. Cause it's an Aventador Donk bro. Tons of clearance

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