Game Thread Part V4.1

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  1. Donks would bend a rim on a pothole at those speeds
  2. Meh. Details details.
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  3. Mortal Kombat X is $9 on GamersGate and the Kombat Pack is $3.

    I'm really enjoying Project Highrise. It's SimTower for 2016.
  4. I'm no gamer, but this is some of the best trolling I've ever seen.

    (Sorry if it's old. I don't follow the thread)
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  5. Just finished horizon 3. Sometimes being sick at home pays off.
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  6. Bought Mafia 3 last week. It's ok. Only played about 1 hour so far. Will let you know more as I play more. Haven't got to free roam or anything yet.
  7. Damn u fast or is the game just really small?
  8. Small. There's still stuff to do, but the main objective isn't that hard.
  9. how fun is driving around in off road vehicles
    do they funnel you into certain events?
  10. A lot of fun. You can do whatever the hell you want. The events are an option. You can just drive around all day if you want.

  11. GetPhoto.ashx.jpg

    I like the atmosphere
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  12. bb wanna watch the sunset with me on the beach, in my 90s 60 degree centigrade racecar xoxo
    but seriously, it does look pretty cool
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  13. Well I will be buying horizon now just from watching those.
    Brings back memories of the test drive off road games.
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  14. not much detail but im still pumped
    rdr, along with mass effect and gta v were my most memorable games from last gen
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  15. I learned how to play poker and blackjack because of rdr haha.
  16. RDR2
    It will be awesome.

    Currently downloading Civilization 6.
    Not sure why, I never have any time to play games. Probably played 10 or 15 hours of Forza 6. Maybe 5 of Forza Horizon 3.... I love games, just no time :(
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  17. I actually like the look of this

  18. Civilization 6 players? Pointer on purchase button in steam, but Im a bit worried about specs being near the minimum.

    Last Civ I have played was Civ2.
  19. Civ6 is great. Although, so far, I feel like its a step back from civ5.
  20. I love civilization. But my computer is old. It barely played Civ5.
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    Downloading. First impressions later in the evening.


    Works fine with my Q9650, 560Ti. And yes, Ill play one more turn...
  22. I want Civ6 but don't want to pay $60.
  23. Then download it?
  24. Pirating games isn't as easy as it used to be. Not sure I know where to start.

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