Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. My sis still has our original NES and SNES, good times
  2. is supply really that constricted? was thinking about getting one because the price is perfect and I think it looks cool
    who knows what nostalgia might be stirred
  3. Well, I must say, on old televisions it looks nicer or warmer, but on those new megamillion pixel television sets we have nowadays I don't like it as much - they were low resolution devices after all

    edit: so add a little thrift shop visit to getting one
  4. Well. Bethesda managed to get mods to ps4. Have to say im quite enthused.
  5. Going to buy a PS4 pro very soon. I like racing games

    Anyone with a PS4 can U tell me what you would recommend

    I know of need for speed
    Asseta corrsa
    GT sport
    Project cars

    Of these or other what should I get ?
  6. Unfortunately the ps4 is severely lacking in driving games that are long term entertaining. PS3 seemed to have a ton of racing games. PS4 has nill. the ones you've mentioned are pretty much it.
    And maybe F1 2015 and F1 2016
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  7. Drive Club is pretty fantastic. They've just updated it with a bunch of new tracks, too.

    Quite an old game now, but I still really enjoy it.
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  8. Bought project cars impressed so far :)
  9. I have an Xbone now.

    Gamertag is CabanaFoghat.
  10. whatre you doing with it
  11. i got dishonored 2 but havent played it yet
    im still addicted to cities skylines whenever i want a chill traffic simulator

    tempted to buy stardew valley
  12. also own total war attila but havent played it yet, and barely gotten into rome 2
    its too different from bae, medieval total war 2
  13. ugh just bought banished on steam to play while i watched football and spent the whole day doing it, by bedtime my colony was dieing of old age and there was only one child, and adults of child bearing age
    i forgot to build houses. lesson learned
    great game
    i had dreams about it but maybe that was the nyquil
  14. Banished is one of the hardest games ever made.
  15. i was playing on easy and turned off disasters the only disaster is me
    i look forward to trying again
  16. So I got my PS4 Pro last night and after updates and whatnots, I loaded Infinite Warfare.

    Is it normal that after ~20-25min of playing I have a headache ? I'm I getting too old for this shit?
  17. That's your brain punishing you for buying some shitty Halo knockoff.
  18. your brain is failing
    youve been replaced with a newer model anyways, obsolete man
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  19. it isn't bad, but its too scenarized for me, I'm more of a Doom guy which is my next purchase
  20. You will not regret Doom. Although the online is pretty pointless.
  21. I have Doom for PC and it's a lot of fun. I'm still getting used to FPS on console, but I still think mouse/keyboard is superior for those games.

    I've only played Forza 6 for a short time but it's already superior to whatever the last Gran Turismo game was. In GT it always felt like you were fighting endless understeer in every car. Now I can drift whatever shitbox I have straight in to a tire wall. The races tend to be crowded, though. I don't really feel comfortable with 24 cars crammed in to the grid.
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  22. I played it at a friend's briefly. the biggest problem with that many cars on the track is that even the slightest touch or bump by another car sends off in flying circles into a wall. I get that the pit maneuver is effective. But a god damned wing mirror clipping your rear end of my car shouldn't spin me off in to the weeds.
  23. I bought the new Zelda game. So far only half an hour in and it's amazing.
  24. Beat Dead Rising 4. It's pretty fun. Also played Mafia III. It was a fun game until half way through their shitty game save system fucked itself and made me start almost from the beginning.

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