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  1. Some interesting stats about worldwide hardware sales (not that I actually care)...

    Week ending 15th July
    PS3: 87,577
    360: 59,960

    Week ending 22th July
    PS3: 82,784
    360: 59,742

    Week ending 29th July
    PS3: 103,357
    360: 63,676

    Week ending 5th August
    PS3: 94,337
    360: 63,679

    Week ending 12th August
    PS3: 94,431
    360: 80,480

    Summary: the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 by 29.2% since E3.
  2. I wonder what the NA numbers are...
  3. among gamers, yeah. Pretty much everyone i talk to, even non gamers know about halo now. Before halo 2 it was only the gamers.

    I never played fable, but i can't wait for fable 2 either. It sounds really awesome
  4. Those figures do include North America.

    The ironic thing is that the PS3 sells far better per capita in PAL countries (where the MSRP is rather high) than it does here in the States, yet the Xbox 360 doesn't sell very well in most PAL countries at all. But the real deal-breaker for Microsoft is still Japan (they've only 430,000 units since launch in 2005).
  5. i think its because there are actually HD DVDs and players in the US. I'm yet to see a single HD DVD or HD DVD player in australia other than the 360 one. People in PAL countries are just buying the PS3 as a cheap blu ray player. Want proof? Check software sales.
  6. apparently these are the NA numbers for the week ending 11 August. Taken from VGchartz.

    Also interesting to note that the highest selling ps3 game in NA is in 25th place and its a multi platform game rainbow 6: vegas. #26 is resistance, a launch game.

    Wii - 86,469
    360 - 52,484
    PS3 - 41,499
  7. so the ps3 caught up 133,000 worldwide in the last month...

    At that rate they will catch up to the 360 install base in 47 months or just under 4 years.

    so by 2011 the PS3 will have a larger install base... lol
  8. I don't really think it matters if people are buying PS3s primarily for Blu-ray movies. Sales are sales. One of my co-workers bought a PS3 for just that reason, yet he ended up buying Oblivion after he heard a fellow co-worker talking about it. Then he purchased flOw and Calling All Cars from the Playstation Store (his kids love them both) And he's also planning to get Uncharted the day it comes out because he's convinced it'll be amazing. So even though he bought a PS3 strictly for movies (DVDs included thanks to the PS3's untouchable upscaling capabilities), he's now started to build a game library.

    And some random stats that Home Media Research just released...
    * The average PS3 owner has purchased 4.5 Blu-ray movies and owns 119 DVDs.
    * 72% of respondents purchased at least 1 Blu-ray movie since acquiring a PS3.
    * 87% of respondents intend to purchase at least one Blu-ray movie in the next 12 months.
  9. i like how M777 seriously says "not that i care" when he obviously searched for something that showed the PS3 ahead in some way.

    seriously though, the 360 price drop *just* happened, and they have a huge release pretty much every couple weeks until january.

    the games that M777 said would be setting the PS3 appart are turnign out to be crap (hevenly sword/Lair) or going multiplatform.
  10. Who is actually saying that Heavenly Sword is crap?
  11. I did. After playing God of War, Heavenly Sword feels like crap. I dont see it getting better reviews then 7/10.
  12. what did we say? GTFO
  13. I disagree, I like heavenly sword, it was pretty good, the controls were very responsive and tight, cameras were good. I don't think it will match God of War's story or presentation though. It might pull an 8.

    I'm predicting now that Bioshock is not only going to win GOTY but beat Half Life 1 for the record of GOTY.
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    There are two things you need to consider...

    1. The demo was from a build of the game that Ninja Theory put together in late April, so none of the graphics or controls were optimized very well. And according to a few podcasts that I've recently listened to, Heavenly Sword is now a lot more polished and far more engaging, especially in terms of player interaction.

    2. Most people didn't play the demo enough to fully understand the combat controls. I was really disappointed the first 2-3 times I played it, but then I heard a friend talking about the AfterTouch system and some of the aerial counter-attacks. I decided to give the demo another try and it was vastly more enjoyable. And then I decided to start practicing some of the button combos from the Pause menu, and from that point on, Heavenly Sword really started to come alive for me.

    I've now played the demo roughly 20-30 times and it's definitely made me excited for the full game. Though to be honest, I don't think I'll buy it because Warhawk will be taking up too much of my time.

    And speaking of Warhawk...
    Official FAQ -->
    New blog -->
    Interview -->
  15. Turok = Delayed

    Although it was originally slated for a fall release, the next-gen version of dinosaur-hunting FPS Turok has now been pushed back until February 8, 2008.

    According to publisher Disney Interactive, Turok's developer Propaganda Games wants more time to iron out any issues and ensure it's perfect for release. So, we guess you'll just have to wait a little bit longer to try and slit a T-rex's throat with a hunting knife.

    Turning Point = Delayed

    Tucked away at the bottom of a Codemasters press release comes the disappointing news that Turning Point: Fall of Liberty won't make its scheduled November 2007 release date. The game's now been pushed back to early next year.

    Currently under development at Spark Unlimited, Turning Point is an alternate-reality shooter exploring a universe where the Nazis won WWII, enabling them to conquer Europe and then launch an all-out invasion in America. It's set for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

    Explaining the delay Sam Cordier, global communications manager at Codemasters, said: "In order for Turning Point to fully realise its epic vision, a further investment in the game's development period is being made and the title is now scheduled to ship in early 2008."
  16. So I thought you were done posting?
  17. I told you guys I'd be back for the Leipzig Game Convention (which technically doesn't start until week). So I guess I should probably disappear for a few more days, but I'll be back to start discussing LGC on the 23rd.

  18. Oh hi Luke
  19. I went to a couple gamestops and found 80GB systems. This means sony didnt wait for the 60 GB systems to be lfushed from the channel. Now customers arent buying either SKU, waiting for 80GB to price drop. sony #$%#ed up again. However sales of 360 have picked up and wii is still sold out. What the hell is in the water at sony HQ?
  20. That Turning Point games looks pretty rad.
  21. Clever spin, but like always, your argument is pretty weak.

    For the casual gamer who doesn't follow the industry...
    - These people will walk into the store and be shocked that they can buy a PS3 for $499 because the last time they probably checked it was still $599. So they're excited at the possibility of saving $100. Either that, or they'll be more interested in the 80GB/MotorStorm bundle because it *sounds* like a great deal.

    For the hardcore gamer who knows what's up...
    - These people will know that the 80GB bundle isn't worth the extra $100 and they'll be stoked that their local store still has a 60GB model to scoop up.
  22. Ferrari Challenge for PS3 and Wii

    Publisher System 3 has announced that it will be unveiling Ferrari Challenge at a press conference on 23rd August - the first time a playable version of the officially Ferrari-licensed racing sim will be shown.

    The developer says that its "close ties to Ferrari" and the input of professional racing drivers - along with a little help from racing game specialists Eutechnyx - will all go to make for the definitive Ferrari experience.

    The PlayStation 3 version of the game is set to be the technical showcase, as curiously, there's no Xbox 360 version in sight. The Wii version meanwhile, promises the "most accurate motion-sensing steering yet seen on the console."

    The game is also set to appear on PSP and DS in November, and a PS2 version is earmarked for next year.

    System 3 boss Mark Cale said: "It's no secret that I've been a Ferrari fan for many years and Ferrari Challenge represents the coming together of my two most enduring passions - Ferrari racing and video games. We're sparing no expense to insure Ferrari Challenge will be the definitive Ferrari experience and now is the time to show the press how far we've come."
  23. OMG $499 must buy!

    Reality check: the PS3 is going to get stomped this Xmas, not only by the Wii but 360 as well.
  24. or they'll buy a 360 or a Wii
  25. take that shit game out of your avatar of Ill kick in your little canadian mac loving head.

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