Game Thread XL: Fat #$%# Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Rob, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. I'm not really sure about that. The textures where a lot larger than they are in other games.

    Maybe it would've been possible to optimize everything a bit but there is still no other game that looks as good.
  2. Surely the modding community will have a bash at fixing things like they did with Shift?
  3. Changing some numbers so the cars handle differently is one thing. Adding AA is a completely different thing...
  4. But Crysis 2 isn't supposed to be a open world game anyways.


    You can't enjoy a good game when you see it. Go back to your ManCo store and buy more god damn hats.

    BTW Anyone pick up Breach for the 360 or the PC?
  5. This is why no one plays pc games anymore. You guys are so boring with your clock speeds and buses and shit. I just wanna play freaking games.
  6. #$%# pcs
    who wants to spend a shit ton of money on a system for a games you can play on 360
  7. the only people who spend a shit ton of money are people who like computer hardware as a hobby. to play any new game on good settings all you need is like a $100 video card and any fairly modern cpu.
  8. You can't achieve a certain level of skill with a controller. On a PC, with a mouse and fully customizable settings, it's a total different story.

    PC is more for pros, while console for casual gamers and people I can pwned with my pp7
  9. Not to mention that games that are developed especially for PC push the technological boundaries a lot further and therefor look better and feel better.
  10. F1 2010:

    anybody else find it REALLY hard to keep cars from spinning on street circuits rather than normal ones w/o traction control

  11. Stop.

    CPU needs to be decent, $200.

    GPU needs to be decent, $150~300.

    MOBO decent, $100~300.

    HDD is up to you, $30~100.

    Keyboard..any, $10~150.

    normal mice/gaming mice, $10~150.

    PSU needs to be decent, $50~250.

    RAM if you're going for whats needed or future proof, $50~500.

    In the end if you're working bare with nothing you're going to shell out far more then 1000 dollars for a decent set-up. A nice overhaul that many do is still north of 500 bucks. If all you're doing is the GPU its still 150~200 bucks for a mainstream decent card.

    Even without it being a hobby building a good computer is still more expensive then a console.
  12. Ive played one game on Wii that would disagree with this, and its Red Steel 2, but thats because it uses the motion sensing for your Katana and switches seamlessly between gun/swordplay. It is the only game thus far that seems to do this well and I think it would be clunky to do this standing in front of a PC. Other than that game though, shooters definitely work best on pc.
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  14. you can build a PC with an athlon ii X3 and a GTX 460 or 5770 for 500 bucks. you could play any game on very high settings at 1080p. most of them with AA.

    and thats if you don't already have a computer to upgrade, it's not like you have to have a PC specifically for playing games. plus games are way cheaper, i've got more than 50 games on steam and i've spent like 150 bucks. and pirating is easy for those expensive single player games
  15. If we're already assuming you have the MOBO then its around 400 bucks to build that. Its still not that super cheap.

    I'm peiceing a new computer for next year and I'm throwing out the RAM, HDD, CPU, MOBO, and GPU. In the grand total will probably cost more then a PS3+360.
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  17. gameplay > graphics

    And I don't want to be pro. I play games as a distraction/hobby.
  18. What I hate about pcs is all the shit your have to go through just to make them work
  19. Also, Uncharted is MEGAFAIL on a handheld. I mean seriously, that game is built for consoles, and its honestly #$%#ing amazing, but on a handheld it will suck balls.
  20. Fact is that you now payed for a normal PC for browsing the internet and other random stuff + a console.

    If you add up that money you could've gotten a gaming pc...
  21. Why pick one over the other if you can have both. Gameplay is obviously the most important thing but I want good physics and graphics too.
  22. Never really had any problems.
  23. he can't afford PC games but he can afford consoles games

    ugh, warez.
  24. Youre already going to have a computer no matter what, so the cost differential is what you need to look at, not just the cost of the computer. a 500 dollar computer can easily play any modern game. Spend 1-200 bucks over a beater computer and youre fine. Cheaper than an xbox or PS3.

    My 1100 dollar computer (all new everything, no salvages) from a year ago hasnt even come close to breaking a sweat at full settings on any game Ive ran at 1920x1200. Only slowdown ive seen is doing some mega complex CAD.
  25. like what? Installing the program then opening it?

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