Game Thread XL: Fat #$%# Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Rob, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. unless you play anything half-life based
  2. Embrace freedom.
  3. backburner n00b

    not supposed to use that
  4. lol 7 kill streak with a backburner how did you get so good
  5. oh wow backbunrer noob haha
  6. lol backburner lol
  7. lol bandwagon

    I mean backburner n00b owned ahah
  8. Lol did you buy a xbox360/kinect bundle with the intention of selling the kinect or because there was no normal xbox 360s left?

    Microsoft basically scammed people by creating an artificial shortage of plain xbox360s while kinect bundles were in stock so they could claim they sold more kinect units. Buying any microsoft products besides the occasional windows license is just begging to be ripped off. Microsoft has a terrible anti-consumer culture and will screw you in any industry or product they can get a foothold in.
  9. haters gonna hate
  11. you dont keep your money, you start from scratch every time you prestige
  12. yes/no/mabbye
  13. Finished Dead Space 2 last night, fuuuuuck that was a good game. Only problem is the length, just like any other survivor game really. Really excellent game, and I'll definitely play through again, but I can't really say it's worth $60.
  14. Finish it on Hardcore to get the amazing new gun.
  15. Hard core just sounds silly. Only 3 saves... Even as short as the game is, that'd be tough.
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    But its so lol
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    That is very lol indeed.
  18. LOL, those graphics are from 2003
  19. Bad angle maybe? There's no argument that GT5 has the best graphics in racing games right now.
  20. no you dont, i have like 550k right now, dont think i will ever prestige
  21. *as long as you play premium cars and tracks and ignore 3/4ths of the game
  22. ya, when it comes to premium cars and some tracks

    edit: turb0 beat me to it
  23. Im selling my XBOX360 with Forza, RDR and some other good games, anyone interested?
    3 controllers, 20gb hdd.
  24. I hate that.

    Sticking a wing on a standard F1 just looks rubbish unless you get the rest of the HDF-kit as well.

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