Game Thread XL: Fat #$%# Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Rob, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Dirt3 dev vids up on gametrailers, looks fun
  2. Anybody upgrade their HD4870 or GTX260 to a new card recently? Happy with performance?
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    There's loads of reviews which should give you a good idea of possible gains.
  4. There is a GTX560 now? What justifies the name change. AMD's 6870 is less powerful than the 5870. Every time there's a decrease in die size, more cores, more mhz, it changes. The only reason to change the first digit is a new chip architecture.
  5. I never thought 3 slot coolers would happen.
  6. lol that's retarded. it better be silent and max out at like 60 degrees to justify it
  7. Here are some sensible alternatives. ATi 5770, GTX460 Razor, and water-cooled EVGA 580 (so nice looking). When your triple stack card is as big as a compressor, it's better to water-cool your PC I think.
  8. Haven;t played Risen yet, but I heard TW2 is an awesome RPG, huge world and almost an unlimited amount of quests.

    Seems that all the review sites rate games like Risen and TW2 low while the user base rates the game more than a whole point higher.... while rating simple games like Mass Effect 2 way higher.

    (looks like we can tell where the money comes from)

    So Risen, is that huge and open worldy?
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    Good to hear back from you <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Risen is open world in the sense that the countryside is like a hub world, most of the action occurs in towns. You are free to roam, the graphics options go beyond what my PC is capable, it is a more directed experience than Oblivion. Most games aren't particularly difficult any more but this was a good challenge. Combat is essentially swing, block with shield, and dodge. It is not a deep system, there is limited armour/weapons. When you craft/find new stuff, you feel the difference.
    I never thought I'd have the patience for Risen, but I kept playing to completion despite having Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 to finish.

    Here is gameplay from the first town.
  10. The graphics look really good, in a way similar to what I've seen of TW2. I heard TW2 is extremely open in how you want to play the game, but the story sucks and isnt engaging at all, but the country looks amazing too.

    Aahhh... Dragon Age... still haven't given that a shot either, haven't had much time to play any games really after the floods, but is Dragon Age still good if you don't like games where you need a party?
  11. Go get Dragon Age Ultimate Edition and skip Two Worlds II. A lot euro reviews gave the game an okay grade while in the USA they got a demo/pass it review.
  12. Dragon age is amazing
    Mass effect is sick, no need to bribe anybody
  13. Yes I agree, Dragon Age must be played. I put 70 hrs in each of my two playthroughs and they were very different. Playing a dual wielding Human noble is far removed from playing a forest Elf support Mage. It's very accessible and your choices matter. Voice acting is great.
  14. gonna check it out then

    you play new vegas?
  15. ATI 5770 works awesome, runs everything i hjave on max settings at 1900x1000 or whatever and has dx11
  16. Forza tonight anybody?
  17. While I don't disagree, I think the initial discussion was regarding upgrading something around an ati 4870 level. Memory, brand and overclocks all mix it up a little, but I think out of the box a 4870 is actually quicker than a 5770. Holding that the other cards you mentioned are comparable, they probably aren't a worthwhile upgrade to a 4870 level card.
  18. When I said sensible alternatives, I constrained myself to a slim form factor. That GTX460 is the most powerful one slot air cooled card, which is refreshing to see. The GTX560 is a mid-tier card that is twice as powerful (twice the fps in today's games as a general rule from the benchmarks I've seen) as a 4870.
  19. I've not had the time to play Forza lately. Sucks
  20. ive sold my xbox
  21. The cossie rs is so much fun to drive.

    All of my cars drive a lot better now, I want to race again.
  22. Still need to get that pack
  23. 190 evo is beast too
  24. just bought dragon age origin, installing it, very curious now, theres actually a proper booklet with it, nice
  25. Test Drive Unlimited 2 has a Hardcore mode out of the box, but it doesn't feel like the incredible [H] mode from TDU1. Maybe in a patch.

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