Game Thread: XXVI

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  1. If I don't go to the bar tonight I'm in.
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    And like I mentioned before, use 1080i for watching Blu-ray movies.
  3. Not counting TV series, we have over 80 HDDVD/Blu-ray movies, haha.
  4. I will actually definitely be at a bar tonight (Tuesday tradition), but might still play depending on when everyone wants to play. I will be there around like 8-10pm my time (it's almost 5 now), so after that I'd be down.
  5. I like what Sora did with Smash Bros BRawl Co-op. they designed it so that hitting the "+" button makes the lagging player teleport to the front player if they get stuck or left behind. LBP should do something similar.
  6. and what hobbies do you partake in, mr high and mighty? And what was the last book you read and when?

    Playing video games doesnt mean shit. Its an inexpensive form of entertainment that is easy to pick up any time any where. It doesnt keep anyone from having other hobbies.

    Ive got a terrible number of hobbies yet I still play video games here and again. theyre very fun.

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  8. ya do it guys
  9. Casino Royale is rated as a really good Blu Ray.
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    check out
  11. I'll buy it off you for double your trade in value...
  12. My new fetish is old movies in bluray.
  13. watched patton a few days ago. So ace.
  14. CoD now, anyone around?
  15. Ive probably got more trophies than that now. but i usually play on my roommates acct
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  18. NOWAI
  19. I wish simbin would get their shit together with GTR3. I've kinda lost hope though.
  20. stop bumping this thread ffs
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  23. **** OUYA UPDATE ****

    Ok, so new update and the OS nows displays properly on 1080p.

    All NES, SNES and N64 emulators are working fine - this only is worth the price to play all these oldschool games on your big tv, hassle free

    XBMC works fine also, 1080p no issues but missing some audio codecs


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