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  1. that looks pretty awesome. graphics are pretty bad though.
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    Star Citizen looks solid.

  3. just tried the demo. it's pretty damn fun, but ive found myself stuck a couple of times. had absolutely no clue what to do.
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    i need this

  5. kinda sucks that Europe and Asia got the game already but it doesn't come out in north America until September 15th for whatever reason.
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  7. Ouya update #3!!

    XBMC now native on the app store, works flawlessly except for HDMI-passthrough which isn,t supported tey, so any video with DTS or whatever won't ouput sound

    Controllers are synching better, but still somes issues in emulators (can't play MarioKart64 properly on 2 player)
  8. I've never put in so much time to watch myself fail at something over and over again like I have with Kerbal. Unfortunately I did not buy it during the summer sale and was only playing on my brother in laws account, which is now half way across the country. First sale I see for it I'm going to pick it up for myself.
  9. its the best time waster I've ever encountered. that and building ridiculous stuff that spectaularily fails is hilarious.

    my crowning moment in that is when I accidentally ran a space shuttle into a space station
  10. Bought pikmin 3. Its really fun
  11. Turn 10 finally listened to the community and added Spa into Forza 5, can't wait to see the full track list. Adding open wheel cars is awesome too.
  12. cool I wanna drive an atom
  13. I agree. I played it quite a bit at my friends house the other day. I don't have it yet though. I'll probably pick up wonderful 101 first.
  14. i will buy it as well, but after gta 5 i think.
  15. Bg, magic 13 is free on Xbox live
  16. is that some kind of humoure?
  17. I hope gta5 will be amazing. To be honest, I was disappointed with gta4 coming from san andreas.
  18. yes <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  19. i had to even google what that was. i don't play stuff like that. i only ever got into warhammer and even that i haven't done anything with in a long time
  20. i was disgusted. ive been downloading all these free games but this one i couldnt even touch.
    surprisingly, the game i play most out of all the free games (and almost as much as any game i own) is defense grid. sooo good
  21. Yeah. It's not as innately 'fun' as some of the previous games in the series. I spend far less time just screwing around in GTA IV than I did in some of the previous games.
  22. GTAV map leaked.
  23. So the other day sony revealed the vita tv and I really want one. It lets you play vita games, and all the ps1 and psp games on psn on your TV. Also lets you remote play with the PS4. Costs $100 but is only coming out in Japan this year, maybe other places later.
  24. gonna play Amnesia: A machine for Pigs tonight

  25. Forza 5 has Bathurst!!!!!
    Hopefully it has some classic Aussie cars too.

    Will buy XB1 now.

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