Game Thread XXVIII - Goodbye Midway

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  1. Sumner Redstone's sale of the struggling videogame publisher may have been good news for him (as good as new can be after you've lost $500 million-plus in equity) but it has made things even tougher for company management.

    As disclosed in an SEC filing today (I had help understanding what it means), the change in control triggered a provision allowing holders of the "Mortal Kombat" publisher's debt notes to request payment of the principle. Given Midway's dire financial state, they're expected to so.

    With only $10.3 million on hand as of Oct. 31, Midway won't be able to come up with that kind of money that fast, no matter how well "Mortal Kombat vs DC" sells (and it seems like it is selling pretty well). So the board of directors has engaged financial advisory firm Lazard to help it explore "strategic and financial alternatives" to its liquidity problems. If it can't find a new source of funding or re-negotiate its debt, looks like it will probably have to declare bankruptcy.

    Mysterious private investor Mark Thomas, who bought Redstone's 87% stake, won't be any help. He will remain completely passive and won't take a seat on the board or get involved in management.

    Looks like we can expect some serious changes at Midway by the end of January.

    (I've also confirmed that beyond its $150 million in debt notes, Midway also has a $90 million credit facility with Redstone's holding company National Amusements that's still in place, along with a $40 million "factoring agreement" . As part of the his convoluted purchase deal, Thomas is now participating in $70 million of that $90 million. Though it's largely irrelevant because even if Midway finds a solution to the $150 million of note, it doesn't look likely to pay back NAI or Thomas anytime soon.)
  2. that saddens me. there hasn't been a good mortal kombat since thrilogy. ;_;
  3. Why are games companies usually such shitty businesses? It seems like most can't go more than a few years without some sort of financial disaster.
  4. Valve and Blizzard are well managed. A lot of other companies aren't.
  5. The game industry is simply too competitive for companies to be sustainable.

    A few guys can still create a game with a wild shot and be successful, whereas actual companies need to deliver hit after hit. So if you have 10,000 random people competing with you, it gets pretty tough. 2-3 bad games will bankrupt a company, as what happened with midway.

    Only 20% or so of the games released are profitable or something like that.
  6. Sega games these days are rather terrible quality, but they live on.
    Look at Sonic 06 for example. How did Sega survive making that turd?
  7. I meant sales not quality.

    People buy sonic games for unknown reasons.
  8. Brand loyalty, it's the same reason that the PS3 has somehow survived when it has a competitor which costs half as much but has 95% of the same games.
  9. Okay, I've gotten like 88 Light Seeds in Prince of Persia. I like how the map has a counter for the remaining light seeds in each area, so you know your progress. I also like how there is actually a point to collecting them other than the achievement for getting them all.

    This game is pretty fun, the platforming is still challenging but not frustrating. I miss a lot of jumps, there's no way I'm getting the "Need Elika to save you less than 100 times" achievement.
  10. i dont know if i'll be getting PoP after A Creed. that game was the biggest waste of money this year (for me)
  11. It's without a doubt way more fun than AC.

    Besides the sittyness of the missions, the platforming in AC sucked since the cities were all the same and pretty boring. PoP is way more 'gamey': the areas aren't supposed to be anything other than obstacle courses.
  12. Ya, Assassin's Creed had 3 different cities, but they looked and felt exactly the same to me.

    Prince of Persia has 4 distinctly themed areas, and they look and feel very different. The platforming in PoP is also much more interesting and fun than AC, and it helps that you don't have to do stupid time-limited missions that are always ruined by 20 guards swarming you into a long and boring fight.

    Plus, this game is so gorgeous. My mom even commented that it looked really good, and she liked the colour.
  13. I love how you can't die. The chick is basically an instant continue, and you 'checkpoint' every time you rest you feet.

    The one thing AC did better I think, however, is combat. There's no reason the combat needs to always be 1-on-1, they just need a mechanic that prevents you from dieing in combat constantly, especially when getting assraped by big swarms of guards, like in the past PoP games. AC figured that out and did it well.

    I think the platforming controls could be a bit more evolving, but I've also not gone to any hard areas yet.
  14. you can't die per se, but you can still screw up fights

    I fell into a pit during a fight, and when I got back up, the monster regained some health due to my stupidity
  15. the combat in AC was the worst i have ever played in a game, period.
  16. The cmobat in PoP is better, and there's WAY less of it. I think they'll be like 40-50 enemies to kill, tops. Wouldn't be surprised if it is as low as 30ish.
  17. I thought it was fun and looked incredible. It was a bit weird how they'd take you on one-at-a-time, but that's what made it work.
  18. They said in the dialog at one point there were 1000, but I can't see how that's the case.
  19. Ya, each area has like 1-2 enemies, and there's ~25 areas.
  20. someone ban all game threads
  21. ban your face FAGGOT
  22. I'm going to try to get my girlfriend to play Prince of Persia, since the controls seem easy enough, it's gorgeous and colourful, and it's very forgiving for missing jumps.
  23. Thank you! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  24. Everyone universally dumped on AC, how is that news? AC was decent, but very frustrating by the end.
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