Game Thread XXVIII - Goodbye Midway

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fluchtwagen, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. im getting pretty far in LBP, where is there a list of the trophies for the game (and how you acquire them)

    im glad they finally put trophies on the PS3, but so far i still like the gamerscore system on the xbox a bit more, mostly because they give each achievement a value based on how hard it is to get (well... most of the time)
  2. i found the list, for some reason the first 3 i looked at didnt have a few of the trophies i knew i had gotten, and therefor i knew they were incomplete.

    anyway im going to try damn hard to get 100%. however the not dying one is going to be hard, im pretty sure i can make a good enough level to get hearted by some peeps, especially with the people on here playing the game.

    also did ESP ever upload his level with his music in the background? ive been really wanting to try that one.

    also, im off to watch the dark knight and the hulk on bluray, two of my christmas presents.
  3. i have tried to connect to home several times over the last few days, wont connect, any ideas?
  4. apparently tons of people have the same problem with home, how has it been 2 weeks with no fix. do we get a free game or something for not being able to use their new online system?
  5. The list of Trophies is there on the XMB above the game you're playing. It's called 'Trophy Collection'.

    And the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum ranking for Trophies always corresponds to their difficulty/value.
  6. I think Sony greatly underestimated the popularity of Home because the servers are constantly slammed.
  7. they have hyped it for 2 years, how could they not expect people to try it out when it came out. i mean i even waited 2 weeks to try it.

    is there any trick to getting in?
  8. I think today is a special case because there are potentially a few hundred thousand new PS3 owners out there. Hopefully next week it'll be easier. And I hope they patch voice chat back in soon (they had to remove it to save bandwidth <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>).
  9. I thought it already was patched back in. I haven't really found much fun to do in Home other than walk around and laugh at people swarming the four or five women characters and then bowl on one of the absolutely scarce lanes.
  10. Crystal Dynamics had a perfect engine and animation system for a Tomb Raider game, what they didn't have was good level design. Unlike the previous TR games (unforgettable set pieces), the release of Underworld makes Legend much less relevant.

    Anniversary is also great.
  11. It's alright, give it a week or so, and noone will be on it, its crap.
  12. Man, it's almost impossible to please you.

    It seems you either love something or you hate it--there's nothing in between.
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    Yours for the low, low price of $39.99...

  14. I can find the in between, but Home really is piss poor.

    I don't know why anyone would actually use it.
  15. Rock Band is such a great holiday party game.
  16. i tried it a 4 days ago as well, and it was also not working.

    why did you not post news about this, your like the PS News guy... oh right, its negative.
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    would be worth every cent for someone who already owns a 360... wish i would have known about this before i went and bought the shitty DS3, which is worse than a Sixaxis. oh well, i got a couple logitecs that are working great, only problem is they are wired... i will never buy another DS3 though, the rumble just isnt worth it.
  18. Can you buy RB2 songs as DLC if you already own Rock Band?

    There are a couple I wouldn't mind having.
  19. LBP is as well, i seriously have not had so much fun with 3 other people playing a game since the days of the N64. its light hearted and with the addition of trophies you even feel like you are working towards something if you want to go hardcore on it. i think today im going to start to make a level.

    still looking for ESP's Level. i really really really want to try it, in part just to hear his music.
  20. yep, i'm pretty sure all the DLC is compatible with both games.
  21. Uh... how is it worse than a Sixaxis? That statement is full of shit.
  22. I was about to say this, we have one of each, DS3 is much better weighted and doesn't #$%# up like the sixaxis either.
  23. from my experience (owning one of each) the sixaxis doesnt require pressing the buttons nearly as hard, which matters a lot when you are playing games that require jumping.
  24. Did you get a defective one? They seem about the same to me.
  25. dont know, i didnt even notice it until i started playing LBP because you have to hit the jump button a lot, my girlfriend and her brother and sister also noticed it, if you press hard it works fine, but on the sixaxis you just press regular and it works fine... after an hour or so it starts to hurt pressing the button so hard.

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