Game Thread XXVIII - Goodbye Midway

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  1. what is deflecting?
  2. Yeah It was good then i hit a random button combo and the #$%#in thing changed and i dont know how to change it back
  3. It was in the tutorial.

    Instead of just holding block, only press it just as they are about to strike you. This causes your sword to flick up and shimmer gold, indicating that you deflected. This will cause a very short stunlock on the enemy that allows you to counter. They can do the same to you.
  4. stew is so useless at games, srsly.
  5. I played COD4 today on an epic Core i7 machine.
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  7. Core i7 is useless for that game. CoD4 on PC already runs 1920x1200 60fps maxed 4xAA on a HD4850 with Core 2 Duo E8400.
  8. Man, CoD4 has some mighty slick presentation. I hope Modern Warfare 2 is even better.
  9. I hate hate HATE spawning enemies in this sort of game. Tom Clancy did it with Ghost Recon, and COD 4 does it. Nothing is worse than clearing a room only to get shot in the back by a bad guy who suddenly spawned behind a door. It's unrealistic and bullshit.

    The SOCOM series really did it best when all the enemies were just spawned on the map at the time you entered the game.
  10. The only thing that pissed me off witht he spawning was the doon cunes constantly coming back on rooftops
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  13. The more I read about 12/12/08 & MGS4 the less likely it seems that it's going to be MGS4 on the Xbox 360. I think an altenrative ending is much more likely. The reason nobody found it on the disc is because it will be downloaded through the network on that date.
  14. Ninjatown DS is so good.
  15. Oh shit. Rainbowf Six Vegas 1&2 have this and it makes the terrorist hunt unplayable.
  16. Terrorist Hunt on Vegas 1 didnt, I'm sure of it.
  17. i played that game a ton, it definitely did. i've seen enemies spawning.
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  19. Call of Duty: World at War feels like a shitty COD4 mod. I'm kind of regretting buying it.
  20. R6:V2 did for sure. I cleared rooms turned around and a guy would be back in there again.
  21. Dead Space does now what Escape from Butcher Bay did 8 years ago. Now the remake of Butcher Bay, Assault on Dark Athena, has a Spring 09 release and may be overlooked again. For the second time. Starbreeze Studios can't catch a break.
  22. my friend was telling me about some zombie mode that sounds awesome. whats it like?
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    When you beat the game it unlocks a zombie survival mode...
  24. so when we were drunk having a party my buddy took my 360 from flat to vertical then back, ruined my CoD4 game... he thought it sounded "cool" #$%#er.

    im going to get CoD WaW.
  25. The rule of thumb is to never buy anything from treyarch.

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