Game Thread XXXIII -- Your game purchases for '09?

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  1. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    I couldnt care less if its not called COD anymore
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    Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    #$%#, Forza 3 looks so good

    Aston vs. Ferrari - New Forza 3 Screens Inside!

    New Forza 3 hotness has arrived! Whoo. If you haven't already seen the updates to our official E3 2009 image gallery, make sure to check it out for a pair of all-new...exclusive and extremely sexy screenshots from our game. We've been holding these for a while and just now decided it's time. Check em' out!

    We've got a lot of content to publish here in the next few weeks, mainly coverage of Che + Dan's trip to France for the 24 Hour of Le Mans and also our very own 24 hour tournament on Forza 3 at the AXF 24 in New York City. We've got plenty of stories from both events...all of which will be covered in our next podcast due to be released sometime next week. Sorry for the delay, but we've been super busy taking new screenshots for our next media release <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Stay tuned, but for now enjoy these new screens. The only question is...Aston or Ferrari?

    I hope gearbox tuning makes another S998 'the doctor' 599 like this one for Forza 3
  3. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    People are really that stupid? If it doesn't say COD on the box, they don't know? Wtf?! Then again, I've heard of people asking where the Xbox version of Resistance was. lol

    I liked COD4, but it honestly wasn't as great as people made it out to be imo and since MW2 is using the same engine it'll probably be more of the same like [email protected] I'm looking forward to MAG more since it has much more of a militaristic feel to it.

    Oh yeah Gran Turismo 5 impessed me at E3. Nascar, WRC, damage! On top of what we already know like night/day driving and weather effects. Sounds like it's going to be loaded.
  4. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    I think it's safe to say the 13 million people who bought CoD4: Modern Warfare will know to buy Modern Warfare 2. And if they don't know, their friends will tell them, since this game clearly thrived due to a strong online community.

    Also, retailers will probably advertise it as Call of Duty, even if it's not on the box.
  5. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    Overlord 2 still wasn't at Blockbuster so I gave Red Alert 3 a try. Not bad, I beat 5 Soviet missions and the Tutorial.
  6. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    You're ignoring Red Faction just to spite me, aren't you? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  7. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    First details about Rockstar's next game/franchise, Agent...

    "It's a completely different storyline, there is completely different character development. It's a game about espionage, set in the 1970s. GTA is obviously more about an urban experience, a typically rags to riches experience. Very, very different storylines, very different character development. It's going to be very fresh for gamers."
  8. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    I ignored it the first 2 times, but today I was genuinely interested but it wasn't there so I grabbed Red Alert 3, which is ok but I'm growing bored of it already.

    Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery is only $29.99 on Wii for a new and quality game. Very interesting experiment. The European Empire building games have always been a PC niche (albeit with millions of people who buy these types of games), and it's apparently very well done on Wii. I wonder if people will bite. I'm very interested, especially since the PC version is $50 and has Tages DRM with 3 activation limit.
  9. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    its more like 80% but this is true.

  10. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    so i finally got around to playing DIRT last night. I'm quite enjoying it so far. The handling is too twitchy i think, but its fun.
  11. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    It sounds like BF1943 is going to release on PSN/XBLA this Saturday!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  12. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    None of you guys got Evil Genius or Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery?
  13. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    New GTp screens.
  14. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    Is that the Tokyo track in the first screen?

    I #$%#ing loved that one
  15. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    Most def. Coming right out of that last corner.
  16. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    Bring back Complex strings/Red rock valley you polyphony bastards
  17. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    Aren't those being billed as GT PSP screenshots, possibly from a Photo Mode?
  18. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    I'm confused. Some people and reviews say Overlord II is a big improvement over the original, and other people and reviews say it isn't. Good thing I'm just trying to rent it then I guess.

    Some of you Wii people need to buy Dawn of Discovery (Anno 1404). It's only $29.99 and better than whatever you're currently playing.
  19. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    I agree with both of you.

    It's kind of silly in the game thread

    But they are losing a lot of buyers simpy by the name change. People who aren't hardcore gamers aren't going to make the connection between the two games. Then nerds are going to argue that it isn't really a sequal because it has a different name.
  20. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    The cover looks very similar to the original, and Modern Warfare was on the CoD4 box. I'm sure anyone who plays CoD4/WaW online will know about this. Casual gamers will probably be told by salesmen.
  21. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    Those are almost too good of graphics for a PSP. Damn!!
  22. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    not really interested but I might buy high voltages FPS just to support them for trying to make a good quality shooter on wii and not half assing it, though the art style is a bit uninspired.
  23. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    GTp = GranTurismo Portable... or is it Mobile? Oh well. PSP.
  24. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    So you would rather buy a more expensive game you have no interest in to support quality shooters on Wii, but won't buy a cheaper game you have no interest in to support quality strategy games on Wii?

    Strategy games make far more sense on the Wii, and would suit the audience better too.
  25. Game Thread XXXIII -- E3 Extravaganza!!

    New "Sega" handheld coming

    The days of Sega manufacturing hardware are over. But in these days of licensed technology and retro appreciation, Sega hardware still lives on, in this case with the return of the Nomad, Sega's handheld Genesis.

    Now called the Retro Gen, and being released by hardware company Innex, it's a handheld that will play not only official Genesis/Mega Drive carts, but also "licensed games that have been downloaded and saved to an SD card using a special development cart".

    The Retro Gen packs an in-built battery you can charge via USB, and even has an improved six-button layout that more closely resembles the original console's second, improved controller.

    It'll be out in the US on July 25, and costs $50.

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