Game Thread XXXVIII

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by w00t, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Lol fail.

    But at least GT5 is probably going to kick some serious, serious ass.
  2. Bought God of War 3 for $20 new. Going to play tomorrow.
  3. awesome game.
  4. I'm also planning to get back into Demon's Souls. Best game ever made for consoles.
  5. Demon's Holes
  6. At what point does GT5 become vaporware?
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    A new trailer for the BFBC2 Vietnam expansion pack.

  8. gotta pay the troll toll to get into this demons hole
  9. There's both

    Karma is the type of person you are

    Fame / Infamy is how a faction reacts to you based on how you act around them.
  10. loled uncontrollably
  11. I'm buying GT5 right when it hits the store shelf.
  12. getting the DLC can make the game significantly easier.

    Operation anchorage can make you basically start the game with power armor and an ungodly sniper rifle.
  13. Im assuming you judge your console games by difficulty to say?
  14. in Fallout 3 the NPCs are stiff and dont have any movement animations. their heads turn upside down too wtf. how do i fix?
  15. dust on the cartridge try blowing it out then pressing restart button a bunch
  16. I hated the texture of cartridges
  17. the texture always felt good against my salad fingers and moist skin
  18. ugh just reset graphics settings to default to fix this
  19. No, but this game is really rewarding. It's not even really hard per se, you just have to realize that dying isn't a big deal. It's hard in a good way, because every time you die you know it's your own fault. Once you master the game, you can actually beat the whole game as a level 1 character in an hour through sheer skill.

    Unlike God of War 3 where I keep dying during platforming because the jumping mechanic is awful and combined with the uncontrollable camera, I can't always tell if I am across the gap.
  20. LOL playing Fallout new vegas with the wacky wastelander trait. Owen and Beru are in nipton burned on the east side. i didnt get it buy my wife clued me in that it was a reference to lukes aunt and uncle in star wars.
  21. Anyone getting Rock Band 3 with the pro guitar?
  22. You'll have to get a PS5 first.
  23. Oh hi there...
  24. They're releasing it on the PS2?
  25. That's fine with me, I'll wait forever for the game.

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