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  1. cant wait to come out and here all the raving the people will do to make it seem like its good enough to justify the 5-6year wait or whatever
    people are gonna be mrghing and trying so hard
  2. It took Michelangelo over four years to paint the Sistine Chapel, I don't see anybody complaining about that.
  3. three forzas came out in 4 years too
  4. are you comparing a dahldrin painting to a michaelangelo?
  5. Quality > Quantity
  6. Played GT5 at PAX last month. Seriously not impressed. I have always been a GT fan but Forza 3 seemed better. Im very concerned.
  7. What was wrong with it?
  8. It looks nice dont get me wrong but the physics felt off. Like the car was on a turntable. Kinda like the way DIRT feels. Its hard to explain. I played with two cars the mustang and the sti and they sounded the same<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  9. well there it goes, they haven't resolved the sound issue.

    If its the case, I'm getting an xblox and forza 3
  10. Forza 4 will be announced at the next E3 and will shit all over GT5 as it's released that christmas.
  11. lol
  12. lol
  13. lol
  14. i want it to be really good. i just dont think they have it in them anymore. considering it comes out in a month, and i still see videos of really shitty looking driving.

    i'll still buy it, when its used.

    probably has the most impressive list of features of most any game though. if only the driving and a few other issues were ironed out first... you know if they just release it in spring 2011 it could be perfect.
  15. Mostly before Forza 4 will actually be released...
  16. Installing Civ5 finally!
  17. Is it like pushing a pencil through an eraser and twisting it back and forth. Cars don't turn from the centre like that. Test Drive Unlimited felt like this (like you were completely disconnected from the ground)until they introduced that incredible Hardcore mode
  18. GT2 has my favourite car physics to this day. Its really all about the control, and it feels so tight. I dont' care if its not emulating perfectly what it feels like driving a Nissan 240sx, it just feels good. Maybe its just me, I dunno.

    #$%# Forza lol
  19. but I"m not finished playing forza 3 yet.
  20. Can't wait for Forza 4
  21. The only thing I HATE about Gran Turismo is ..... it feels/looks so slow.
  22. Great game no doubt
  23. this+vacuum cleaners
  24. when does NFS Hot Pursuit #3565467576457 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 come out?
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    So real:

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