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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TrueSportsCarMechanic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Screwdriver into the side opposite the hd/sd switch. Small wiggle and pop
  2. So who's going to really try to beat me on Laguna Seca with the Boss ? It is such an awesome drive that big mustang.
  3. Gamertag?
  4. i thought i did.
  5. use a knoife
  6. Rivals racing is the most fun
    Lotta money too, got 150k to beat tickets time on tsukuba short

    I'll try the laguna boss race again
    C class muscle cars are fun
    My career went back to year one and I'm glad cuz now I get to drive the slow cars again and not have the race take 15 minutes
  7. *tickets = tuckers
  8. i still have to finish 2 seasons. i really don't want to.
  9. i like the autocross rival events. set some pretty good times on most of em
  10. just had my forza 4 crash. what's with forza and crashes?
  11. Learn to ride your cars properly flat lander
  12. Had some good races with Banana last night, added a couple more members to the club too.
  13. who's the german named fellow?
  14. He's my friend Mike, he's not actually from supercars but he used to play with us on Forza 3 too, and he's a good clean racer.
  15. No outsiders
  16. Season part is a lot better in this game
    You can use a different cart for every race I like that

    I just miss the super lap days series
  17. I miss endurance races
  18. maybe because of electric cars? dunno how they'd work. do pit stops take 8 hours or
  19. I really like the multi class races. I still dont own any car over the S rating. Having too much fun with the current cars.

    On a side note BF3 is great. Two nights in a row the EA servers kick me out around 2am pst. Happens to anyone else?
  20. yah same here, 4 am cst. Gives me a bed time i guess lol
  21. Well I got this message from Battlefield on FB:

    "Be advised! We are boosting the capacity of our Battlefield 3 servers tonight. As such, all platforms will be down for maintenance and performance upgrades at 2AM PDT for about an hour. Thank you for your patience!"

    So that may have something to do with it
  22. Indeed you did. Nice lap ! I did beat it but not on a clean one GRRRR.

    I was so far in your ghost ass that I didn't really see the apex and put a tyre off road :'(

    There is loads of time to make on your corkscrew btw
  23. haha, yeah the ghost car can be pretty annoying to see where you're going.

    and yeah, i kinda suck at the corkscrew, never seem to take that corner the right way.
  24. Sorry for your loss ! :D We should race tomorrow or smth
  25. Played some battlefield single player and I'm not too impressed.

    - Already noticed a bug in multiple spots with a door you have to enter which doesn't open. Or team mates which should lead and just stick to one place without advancing.

    - The auto-save sucks. It auto-saved right after I was killed which meant I had to restart the whole mission.

    - Graphics look good when it comes to weapons and team mates, lighting is also very good. The buildings, cars and stuff like that don't look that special, I expected a lot higher res. textures. The flying part looked awesome though. I've seen people mentioning it's better than Crysis in the looks department but I'm not convinced.

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