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    Game Thread "some number"

  2. Game Thread "some number"

    I'll gift you one, but when I bought it and tuned it I really couldn't make it competitive for anything. You just can't improve the handling that much.
  3. Game Thread "some number"
  4. Game Thread "some number"

    I also liked building the spaceshits
  5. Game Thread "some number"

    Blockbuster is closing whats left of its stores. Picked up Deux Ex last night for $20 basically new. Hopefully I'll finish it soon, and trade it in on a preorder for a game that i'll actually play online.
  6. Game Thread "some number"

    Does it sound amazing/feel like a rally car

    And thank you!
  7. Game Thread "some number"

    it understeers like a mofo. other than that its fine.
  8. Game Thread "some number"

    You guys need to stop being hardcore
    Buy older cars
    Make the front stiff as FUUUUUU
    Make the rear nice a soft
    Tripod everywhere
    I miss it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  9. Game Thread "some number"

    got some shotgun kills
  10. Game Thread "some number"

    nyoure mediocre as shit
  11. Game Thread "some number"

    i have one. it's pretty awesome, but has quite a lot of understeer. using it as a600 with rally livery.
  12. Game Thread "some number"

    Played through DXHR and didn't find/talk to Taggart or Sarif at the end and was only given one ending option to "choose", lih.

    Replaying now Metal Gear-style, hiding behind moving cardboard boxes, exploring more.
  13. Game Thread "some number"

    see i think a class is too high for that
    i tuned a testarossa for a class with high horsepower and it wasnt very good, then i dropped the wieght and the horsepower and it was fine
    i think some cars, esp older cars dont do well with highhorsepower/high class
  14. Game Thread "some number"

    i always go for fun to drive or cars i like in general and then try to make them competitive. i think in general you're playing games wrong if you 1st priority is to win at all costs.
  15. Game Thread "some number"

    but im a bad driver
  16. Game Thread "some number"

    got too good at tf2 now its just boring for me

    only play fallout now
  17. Game Thread "some number"

    yeah me too
  18. Game Thread "some number"

    maybe when i get my new laptop i will play with you and you can show me how to do the good things
  19. Game Thread "some number"

    Find a 100% crit server
    So much fun
  20. Game Thread "some number"

    what is crit
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    Game Thread "some number"

    Seriously looks so awesome.
  22. Game Thread "some number"

    lol that you turb0?
  23. Game Thread "some number"

    was Civ 5 good? its 75% off on steam

    havnt played civ since like civ 1 lol
  24. Game Thread "some number"

    i was not a big Civ3+4 player, and i LOVE Civ5, but most people that really liked civ3+4 hate it. i have put somehting like 150hrs into civ 5 single player alone.
  25. Game Thread "some number"

    its 9/11/11, everyone will recognize that today is very important as...

    it starts the 1 month countdown for Froza 4!

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