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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TrueSportsCarMechanic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. GTA5 was just announced.
  2. GT4?

    What's the current Gran Turismo game?
  3. I have GT5, that doesn't mean you're gonna see me play it.
  4. lets play forza tonight
  5. I haven't played in probably a year.

    I haven't even played a game on my PS3 in over 6 months.
  6. Yeah I can't even remember the last time I turned on my PS3, mostly used it for Netflix.
  8. My controller died right after a big crash with Jebus on Le Mans, the car coasting to a stop out of control would probably look like a pretty realistic fatal accident in replay. Also, W00t, your A class 037 is awesome.
  9. sorry about last night. my internet died and I have to get a new modem on monday
  10. thanks. yeah, one of my favourite cars in my garage. not the fastest in a straight line, but oh so good in the corners.
  11. Straight line speed is all that matters
  12. T-Bird beats 131 ANYDAY
  13. Nice m8 do you play conquest or rush?
  14. Haha, that was such a poor choice for that track on my part.
  15. I love the Ferrari 458 Italia so much!
  16. Conquest is probably my favourite, certainly the favourite of most of the guys I play with, but also love rush. I've hardly played any team deathmatch so far, but I do like squad deathmatch a lot. But I've never been a big fan of squad rush.

    How about you?
  17. GTA beats T Bird in anything but a drag race.
  18. Demo derby
  19. speaking of poor choices for tracks, i wish there was a way to identify if the section of fujimi youre racing on will be uphill or downhill
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  21. my new baby.
  22. whos up for some forza this evening?
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    Proof that even ryanator can make mistakes.

  24. Any chance of Forza 4 to be released for PC?...would love to play it on my new gaming rig.

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