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  1. BF3 is buggy as h*ck, but fun as cr*p
  2. Tor is down, guess i'll play forza.... still need to play skyrim and finish the last assassins creed game (not the brand new one)
  3. lol those batman games are so horrible
  4. wrong
  5. brotherhood is the best of the series i think
  6. BF3 is so awesome at the moment. The more my group of buddies learns new tactics to integrate the various gadgets together as a team, the more the fun keeps going up.
  7. I've bought the 250 GTO and Testarossa and they're both quite fun. stil need to buy the D type and AR1.
  8. Recon with the shotgun and close range radar deal is awesome, especially on rush. Just set the radar, arm the objective, and blast anyone you shows up on radar. Hell ya.
  9. No sense of nostalgia? I grew up watching those cars in those liveries at the start of ALMS. I want some liveries that remind me of the real races I've seen. Just like everyone loves seeing a car painted in the Gulf colors.
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    haha i was screwing around last night. fun, fun, fun
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    #$%#in lol

    plz upload different angle of that retard getting flung
  12. Lately I've been picking up my piloting game since the guys I play with all suck at flying as well.

    I've gotten pretty good as of late. I can fly the damavand peak tunnels.

    Also have been systematically upgrading my classes but still pulling MVPs every round.

    Only Recon is left. I hate it but I I'm using an SKS with holo sights, foregrip, and suppresor. Sniper assult rifle of sorts.
  13. just finished BF3 campaign

    I feel like I'm missing something
  14. ya, good gameplay
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    yeah but check this out
  16. i first thought everybody (on PC) hating on skyrims UI were just being haters for the sake of it.

    Holy shit, now i have it and have been playing it, its goddamm rubbish. it almost wrecks the game (along with the standard FOV). bring on the mods to fix it please, oblivion's was perfect.

    and no durability? fail
    and pissing off blade and blunt for single and 2 handed was a jerk move too. but atleast now i can just pick the best 1 handed weapon, and arent locked into the whole axe vs sword dilema
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  18. UI sucks ass

    kinda glad durability is gone

    hitting a guy with something isnt rocket science you either use 1 hand or 2
  19. it was fun, but the story just kinda ended
  20. is the Battlelog system totally garbage or is it just me?

    can't join any games
  21. It is clearly total garbage, I still don't understand why they didn't just integrate it into the game instead of the browser.
  22. RIP Mike Murphy
  23. ferrari f50's are the new dodge vipers.
  24. I had to open a bunch of ports on my compie, but multiplayer seems to work now.

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