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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TrueSportsCarMechanic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I should post the list
  2. diablo handles poorly/is boring
  3. been hunting animals and taking hide to make leather. make leather bracers(1 leather 2 strips) and you get more skill than the iron dagger

    bears and tigers and shit give you 4leathers per hide, deer 2, etc
  4. I'm going to be playing Skyrim. I'll switch to Forza if a couple of you guys log on.
  5. delete this d*g gone thread
  6. Why can't you two just play this game normally as it was meant to be played and stop trying to game the system

    Can't you just abide by the xbox lifestyle
  7. I don't play in public lobbies unless a bunch of us go in there together, but the F50 is nothing like the Viper in 3, the Viper topped the leaderboard on every single track in 3, and was also AWD and boring as **** to drive.
    The I mostly use the F50 on short/medium tracks and it's also fun and involving to drive, not something someone would just pick to set times, it just happens to be pretty good at that too.

    On the point of leaderboard cars, the Peugeot 905 thing is funny, that was my main R1 car in Forza 3 just because I liked the way it handled and the way it sounded, but it wasn't a top car. Now all of a sudden in 4 the older prototypes are actually as good as they should be, and it dominates the leaderboards on every track.
  8. How the hell do I play split-screen coop campaign mode in MW3? I've spent an hour trying to find out how.
  9. finally found out it has no coop campaign... #$%#ing bullshit
  10. Um pretty sure cod never had co op campaing
  11. it had those special co op missions tho
    mw2 was actually pretty fun in the co op
  12. forza tonight? or somebody at least beat me in some rivals events so i have something to do

    single player races are boring
  13. Pick a random rival off the list
  14. ugh look at these sorry gamers wasting their lives "e-line" mining "frags" or whatever the hell it is you do in video games
  15. Lots of dirty racing tonight
  16. that ultimate aero is silly. i never know what gear i should be using, you can never even use full throttle without a mile of straightaway. even then, you get wheelspin shifting into 5th at like 300 km/h
  17. Yeah, I watched that thing crash right into the barrier at the end of the straight on every lap. The thing with those cars (aero, Veyron, Koenigseggs) is their power is what gives them their PI rating, while they handle worse than an S class car with like 500-600hp, and then you can't use that power anyway on most of the tracks. So the PI doesn't translate into any performance advantage. I wish you could swap in a less powerful engine or get rid of the forced induction to have more options with them.

    Also, my controller died on that damn Mugello R3 race, I thought I had that in the bag.
  18. Anyone in here talking about Skyward Sword? No? Oh I forgot you're all too grown up to play future classics.
  19. i don't like motion control games. its disappointing because i miss playing nintendo games,
  21. I've heard Forza 4 will be getting an Agera R as a DLC. This may push me to buy the game.
  22. There are already 4 Koenigseggs in the game.
  23. apparently it makes like the best use of the motion controller remote, EVER

    i think im gonna buy it
  24. my new baby
  25. Finna cop a 70" led tonight if my better senses don't kick in in time.

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