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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TrueSportsCarMechanic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Game Thread "some number"

    bunch of #$%#s with their pre-order and dlc stuff.
  2. Game Thread "some number"

    oh, but #$%# me. it has the audi rs2 and bmw e39 m5.

    good god.
  3. Game Thread "some number"
  4. Game Thread "some number"

    Download F1 2011 at the moment, will see if they fixed all the problems from 2010.
  5. Game Thread "some number"

    Yeah, it's not smart marketing in my opinion, yeah, talk and buzz is great. However, they're relying on the people who are already loyal fans of the game and are going to buy it regardless of content to get those pre-orders in.
    If they actually advertised all the content, they'd probably get a lot of additional orders from people who are on the fence, or haven't bought any Forza game before now and actually want to buy a game based on it's content, rather than on faith that it won't let them down.

    All they're doing right now is creating a stir among people who would be buying the game anyway. It's arrogant marketing.
  6. Game Thread "some number"

    I do not care about any game except Forza 4 atm, that game will take such a giant shit on GT5
  7. Game Thread "some number"

    that track is #$%#ing awesome, these #%$s are just pissed they cant drive their 900hp awd missle cars on it
  8. Game Thread "some number"

    They seem to be right though
  9. Game Thread "some number"

    This is terrible to hear. Steam was introduced in 02 and took three years before it was something people wanted on their PC. BF3 deserves better than EA, being tied to their infant distribution service.
  10. Game Thread "some number"

    Admitably I never owned a 360, so the last forza I played was forza 1...

    but I loved this track. super tight, 4 minutes was a fast lap in a A class
  11. Game Thread "some number"

    You hate that track too? It's one of my favorites in the game.
  12. Game Thread "some number"

    I haven't got a console and never played Forza but to me it's pretty clear that real tracks like Spa are better than made up ones like that one.
  13. Game Thread "some number"

    holy shit, I just saw the layout for that track, that's intense! I always loved the long tracks with lots of turns, even if I couldn't take a car over 150. A fake one is pretty much a necessity since there aren't too many real world 10+km tracks. People can complain all they like, they just don't actually like racing as much as they like twinturboz. N-ring is never a complaint, and N-ring is way more treacherous and longer. It's harder to pass on and absolutely will not forgive mistakes, so tracks like the snake tracks are good replacements.

    And I looked on the webs, this complaint about "flow" might as well be a complaint about not being able to hit apexes. when you're exiting the turns right, there is a flow, it's just that you're not making it out of 3rd gear much.
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    And has the most lol multiplayer

  15. Game Thread "some number"


    Most annoying, tedious, boring track ever.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Hermann Tilke designed it.
  16. Game Thread "some number"

    Yahhhhh i really couldnt give a shit about the Origin business hey. BF3 on 360 FTW.
  17. Game Thread "some number"

    Why would you even buy BF3 on xbox 360? The 360 version is missing much of the multiplayer content and is practically a map pack for Bad Company 2. I'm amazed there's Australians foolish enough to buy xbox live when it's P2P networking can't really deal with regions that have large latency issues with the USA.
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    why does anyone play videogames man
  19. Game Thread "some number"

    What sets it apart from PC are the community features. I've very quickly formed a community of 30+ people on xbox live who are all on the voice chat and love playing as a team. THAT above and beyond all else makes it way more fun than on PC where, lets face it, a small minority bother to voice chat... and you generally have to use skype or some other networking to get anyone beyond those in your squad.

    64 player battles are only available in Conquest mode on PC. Thats only one of five game modes. Even then, having played Battlefield in 64 player battles on PC, its often overload anyway, and can often become a COD-like run-and-gun-fest. Its overrated.

    And BF3 on the consoles WILL have server lists, so you can actually choose servers with the least lag for your region. The irony being that BF3 on PC wont have that feature. Plus you HAVE to have both Origin as well as EA's Battlelog site open to play the game. Too much to bother about.

    And the 1080p vs 720p makes absolutely minimal difference to me, since my monitor that I play on is 22 inch and it isn't really enough to make a noticeable difference.

    So overall - Xbox = way more fun than PC.

    EDIT: Not that you'd know anything about fun. All you do is whinge about shit.
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    64 player maps are "overload" and COD-like? Seems more likely you simply suck at the games or haven't even played the proper Battlefield games for more than a few minutes. PC players have been using teamspeak for years before xbox ever existed. The entire point of the battlefield series was large scale battles on large maps. You sound like a 15 year old who's first online videogame was Halo 2.
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    tedious is a plus IMO. picking apart it's complexities was all the fun. and my reward for a fast lap was the chance to floor it for the stretch. I never found it annoying mainly cause I got so much practice at it, I couldn't be beat on it.

    I can't imagine why it would be any worse than N-Ring. it's short and much more forgiving.
  22. Game Thread "some number"

    streets are too narrow.
  23. Game Thread "some number"

    64 player battles always turned into nade/tank fests, so yes, it was a bit overrated. Fun sometimes to have that many people, but for the most part, it really wasnt. I never played more than 48 players because of this.
  24. Game Thread "some number"

    i like the fake tracks that are like real roads/highways
    more interesting IMO

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