1. gamer you are gay!!!!! H2s SUCK!!!
  2. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    mmm hmmmmm my 1990 325i can kill it.
  3. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    ......325 and the h2 are total different cars.......

    one's performance sedan, the other offroad......

    lets see your beamer climd a 15 inch cliff.
  4. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    Yeah no bmw can match any of hummers off road performance!!!!!!!! The moron that made this worthless topic is stupid, ignorant of all the facts, and retarted!!!!!!! He obviouly an only child that spends to much of his gay time with his mommy because hes scard of his dad because hes a GOAT!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    hey you know you should stop shoving that plunger up ur butt cuz you sound stupid. seriously the 1 word you obiously know is moron. BUT GUESS WHAT I AM A MORON. BUT YOU ARE JUST PLAIN HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!!! BUTT FUKER!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    Heres someone that knows what they are talking about! They are different cars you cannot compare!
  7. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    GAYMER IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    hahah whoever owns a hummer is too much of a little ***** to take their hmmer offroad anyway. the H2 is just 100% GAY. SO are some of the people on this forum. GAY-mer and the sphinx.
  9. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    Who says I don't take my "hmmer" off-road? At least I have enough money to afford a Hummer and I can spell Hummer!!!! HA HA HA HA!!! When I see you in your shopping cart I will run you over and then back up and run you over again!!!! Why do you think H2's are gay because its a car and it cant be gay you stupid moron it really shows your intelligence!!!
  10. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    hahah you arrogant little prick. You probly some little 16 year old ***** who has mommy and daddy buy you evrything. Why wouldnt I buy and H2? Ill give you some reasons:

    1.Its a girl car.
    2. Its the pussy version of the hummer.
    3. Its made by GM.
    4. It almost came last in Motor Trend's SUV of the year contest.
    5. Nobody takes them offroad.
    6. Waist of gas
    7. In 10 years from now it will be in a junk yard.

    Im not the only one. If you had atleast half a brain in your head you wold spend your money on a NICE suv, G Class, X5, Range Rover, ML. Instead you buy an over priced piece of shit. Im sure there are more people that would agree with me. Its not my fault if you dont have any taste.
  11. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    rock on BMW!!!!!!!! GAYMER you are such a needle dick. if i see you in that shitty hummer of yurs im going to run over you and it with a steem roller!!!! then ill back up and do it AGAIN!!!!!! numb nut.
  12. Re: gamer is gay!!!

  13. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    Are you talking about Gamer55? If you are, you're sounding more gay them him.
  14. Re: gamer is gay!!!

    A-HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA!!!!!! Well said! Although, the fact that he just stays here and whines about how great it is denotes that he either A; Doesn't have a drivers license, or B: Can't afford the gas! The name 'Gamer' doesn't give his cause much help, either!


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