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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. ya i'm level 100 now and only on season 8 of single player. like 90% of my xp/money comes from rivals and online
  2. those trackday challenges give you a ton of xp from all the cars you pass.
  3. With the rival shit, your payout is based on the ranking of the person you're rivaling against, so back when we were topping each other fairly regularly in the top 1%, I'd get like 150k per race and the manufacturer would level up to like 6 or so if I've never used it before.

    Also the club is in the top 1% for every category except drifting.

    Edit: might make a drift car or something to get us up there
  4. drifting is gay

    in the open time attack i pride myself in being number 2 in most of the events!
    even tho i bearly play and take secret pleasure in ignoring your gamming requests
  5. There should be a way to challenge other clubs along with a ladder.
  6. yeah top 5% gets you 150k for beating a rival time.

    haven't really done any of the drift events, i've got pretty good times in all the autocross events though. had a few times in the top 50 but not sure if they are still up there
  7. I made 2million with that 78 mustang in the maple valley challenge lol

    i think its ranked under 1000 or something i dont remember
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    Check this!!! C&C generals2

  9. no westwood no care
  11. *camping out in game thread*

    I AM THE 99%
    (ppl not good at forza games categories)

    I demand change!
  12. look at these console scrubs
  13. This game is going to be incredible
  14. no it won't.
  15. btw i just uninstalled tf2 and ro2

    i cant game till i get more money >_
  16. Cheer up. Mr negative.
  17. nice, welcome to the world!
  19. Dark Souls is good

    Starcraft 2 is still good

    Tropico 4 looks good and I'm getting it during the Steam Holiday Sale
  20. when does that start?
  21. Started doing the rivals thing on forza. I beat pretty much all your scores in drifting. Except for whoever theblackd is, there were two tracks where I came close, but gave up because I got bored.
  22. All my drifting scores are from clean fast laps where I lost it a bit.
  23. It's me ! Drifting is the only thing I can do when stoned

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