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    buddy , i wouldnt call this car gay , i dont know 1 person in the world would not take this car, and if you think this car is gay u must have some type of problem. u prolly one of those ford kids . hahahaha ford sux !!!

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    You are gay to even attempt to call this gay b*tch. This is by far one of the best cars in the world
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    1)this car is not gay.
    2)this car is very awesome
    3)fords dont suck
    4)neither do chevys
    Ford fans and Chevy fans are like PC fans and Mac fans. The PC fans (ford fans) like their PC's for an entirely different reason than Mac (Chevy) fans do. Mac fans like their Macs because they do one or a few tasks that its made specifically for very well, while PC (Ford) fans like their PC's because of the multi-use and functionality, although they dont have blistering fast speed. (P.S. -Sorry for the lame computer analogy.)
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    Nice anology =)

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