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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by yuma80, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Rainbow coloured #006
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  2. As things might get a little bit confusing in the near future in terms of identifying the different MGT's, I'll soon launch my extended Registry...

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  3. BTW: I was in Leonberg yesterday again- holy shit!

    There aren't two Mirage, there are 3 in Leonberg in the moment.

    The orange crashed one is also there (haven't seen it but I was told that from Gemballa). The crash cost 180.000 Euro only for parts! Incredible stories I've heart!
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  5. Yuma: are you sure about CGT 0170 being MGT 014 now?
  6. Any new MGT up to now? There still is the orange one in but still only photoshopped pics of MGT #011, nothing official now.
  7. Any new MGT up to now? There still is the orange one in but still only photoshopped pics of MGT #011, nothing official now.
  8. Classy ... hahahaha
  9. Number 016 and 017 exist by now (no info if there is 015 anywhere):

    016 is orange/black with black/orange interior and in USA (you can find it in

    017 is a second flat black car, which is different to 013 in two points: tinted side windows and the "Mirage GT" sign at the rear end is black instead of red.

    So I made a mistake: 017 exists already in March 2008 and was the car, which I saw in Stuttgart. It is CGT# 0887.

    So up to now I need infos about: 001 (VIN), 003 (VIN and CGT#), 005 (VIN), 007 (VIN and CGT#), 009 (VIN and CGT#), 010 (VIN), 013 (VIN and CGT#), 015 (Colors, VIN and CGT#) and 016 (CGT#).

    Known in every details are: 002, 004, 006, 008, 011, 012, 014 and 017.
  10. Hi,

    are you sure about your information and do you have pics?

    I can't believe that there are two Mirage in flat black because Gemballa said "shit color, it doesn't sell on any car".

    And I got the information that the orange/black car is numer 15 but I will get the correct MGT and CGT number (hopefully) soon.

    Could you post all pics where you found CGT and MGT numbers.
    I have made a very good picture of MGT and CGT numbers from flat black car 13 if you are interessted?


    PS: The orange car is supposed to be still in Leonberg but I haven't ssen it there. I'll check waht't going on...
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    MGT number pics are in my registry

    And yes, I'm sure about two flatblack cars, will add to pics, one of the first car (without tinted windows and with red "Mirage GT" sign) and one of the second.

    And yes, I am interested in pics of the numbers of MGT 013! Do you also have a pic of the VIN?
  12. Well, I'm a bit confused now with this kind of development and the/those matt black MGT(s) seen at this years Monaco Travel Market, Stuttgart fair and Top Marques...
    (Btw: I already assumed, that there could be two matt black MGTs months back!)

    As a given fact I can tell, that I saw and sat in MGT #013 (CGT #0887) this August at the Gemballa HQ!
    The car had a black "Mirage GT" sign on the rear...
  13. Newest pics of a not yet known MGT...
    (Either #015 or #016)
  14. Hi,

    here's the picture of MGT number 13 made in Leonberg some months ago (car is still there).

    Car which is in Leonberg:
    MGT Numer 13 - sure
    CGT number 0887 - sure
    Mirage GT sign at the back black - sure
    doop panels red - sure
    no tinted windows - quiet sure

    Car which I saw on the fair in Stuttgart:
    MGT Numer ???
    CGT number ???
    Mirage GT sign at the back black - sure
    doop panels ???
    no tinted windows - sure

    Car of official Gemballa pictures:
    MGT Numer ???
    CGT number ???
    Mirage GT sign at the back red - sure
    doop panels NONE - sure
    no tinted windows - sure

    Car which was in Monaco 2008:
    MGT Numer ???
    CGT number ???
    Mirage GT sign at the back red - sure
    doop panels red - sure
    no tinted windows - ???

    I think they had to finish the car for Monaco and changed some details later but I will check on it!

  15. So - this is the final proof, that a possible MGT #017 can't be CGT #0887!

    Sag mal, wieviele accounts hast du mittlerweile eigentlich bei Tobi? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  16. Hi,

    müsste mein 5. sein, jetzt hab ich zum ersten Mal aber eine Registriegungsmail bekommen und konnte mein Passwort ändern --> also mein endgültiger Account! :D
  17. That MGT013 with CGT#0887 inside would bring us back to the fact of only one flat black car.... The info I got was, that the car with black "Mirage GT" sign at the back was also at the Top Marques or the Travel Market (one of both, I'm not sure at the moment) and at the sign in front of the car was written "Number 17 of only 25 cars".

    I saw the car at Stuttgart "Retro Classics" and because of the tinted windows wasn't able to shot the numbers (also the Gemballa people weren't really friendly, I asked them, if they could open the door and they didn't). But as far as I could see it, it seemed to be 0887.
  18. I share that opinion and that would match to the things Gemballa told me. Only one flat black car.

    And number 17 doesn't exist in the moment as well as number 16.

    The orange car is supposed to be number 15 after the white/gold 14.
  19. How comes that you have the vin of #006?
  20. Does anyone know the exterior/interior combination of the known 15 MGT's when they were still CGT's?
  21. BTW: The pearl white Mirage seems to be sold. Does anybody now where to and which plates it wears?
  22. MGT#001: don't know
    MGT#002: Guards Red / dark grey
    MGT#003: don't know
    MGT#004: GT Silver / ascot
    MGT#005: don't know
    MGT#006: GT Silver / dark grey
    MGT#007: don't know
    MGT#008: GT Silver / ascot
    MGT#009: don't know
    MGT#010: don't know
    MGT#011: GT Silver / dark grey
    MGT#012: GT Silver / ascot
    MGT#013: GT Silver / dark grey
    MGT#014: GT Silver / ascot
    MGT#015: Black / dark grey
  23. Since quite some time now!
    I don't know where it ended up.
  24. #001 could have been white from the very beginning.

    Iirc Eto'os car was also silver or grey...

    Yo from SCF wrote, that #014 had originally a custom blended shade of grey.

    BTW: do you have a reference pic for a dark grey CGT interior?

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