Gemballla Mirage GT Matt Edition

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by ajzahn, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Conversion based on 980 Carrera GT

  2. Nice car, Matt.
  3. He seems like a swell guy
  4. Looks good, but what's up with the red rings around the headlights?
  5. sourced by microsoft.
  6. man cars stoned man get it some visine olol
  7. i love it but i hate the headlights
  8. looks good. hope matt lets me have a ride.
  9. its funny but as an xbox owner, i am hurt. my friends had FIVE break, ive only had one
  10. I actually like those. I think it's badass
  11. one of mine got the red rings twice. i sold it and am debating buying another.
  12. liked the fred edition better
  13. the only thing i ever see on this car is the fake roof scoop.

    its like seeing a wicked hot supermodel chick with a giant herpes sore on her face.
  14. ugh i hate the mirage so much.
  15. Drool...

    I'm not sure I understand well but do you own this car ajzahn?
  16. no, it's mine.

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