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  1. So many good cars that it's hard to keep track. From econo-hatches to hypercars. Simply fantastic.

    What do you think are the best so far? in your opinion of course...
  2. Morgan, because I like them light and basic. Jag is cool as well.
  3. these are what i was most interested in
  4. Saab PhoeniX and Lamborghini Aventador
  5. morgan, aventador, jag are most impressive in that order
  6. I hadn't really checked pics yet of Geneva and I had only seen drawings of the Jag. I thought they were just concept drawings and that the real concept car hadn't been build so I was quite impressed to see it's real.

    And holy shit that racing concept version is insane.
  7. apart from the obviuos choices, i realy like the Volkswagen Bulli, and the reanult capture and Renault R-Space as an ideas, i like that my fav coachbuilders (bertone and touring) are back and with something good.
    IMO, this year Geneva show is one of the most exciting shows in the last 10 years, reminds me of the 90's shows
  8. Agera R and Aventador
  9. The Huayra and Aventador.
  10. Lambo, Gumpert, Morgan, and that #$%#ing insane thing on the Sbarro stand.
  11. Aventador really nailed it for me, totally exceeded my expectations, as I've never really been a fan of modern Lambos before. I still find the Gumpert and Pagani pretty exciting, even though they're aesthetic disappointments in my eyes.
  12. I really love the Pagani, but it was unveiled before the show and I had time to "digest" it. Had it been unveiled first at Geneva or perhaps a day before the show it would have been one of my favorites.
  13. what was the citroen on the official gallery? is it a Metropolis? god damnit that thing it so hot
  14. yes it is the Metropolis concept
  15. if i were super-rich id totally buy one, screw having a rolls/bentley/maybach
  16. Oh yeah jj, the Bulli is also one of my faves.
  17. Huayra, Gumpert, Aventador, and Morgan.
  18. The Jag. The purple one, that is, not the vulgar blue one.
  19. Huayra, Aventador, Wiesmann (sp?)
  20. Aventador, simply stunning.
  21. Aventador and Gumpert looks great !!
  22. stop building that new XJ and replace it by building that new jag concept. The Jag looks fantastic.
  23. I think that Jag. concept looks ugly
  24. Aventador and the gumpert

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