Georgia VS Russia

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Gemballa, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Who would you support?
  2. georgia of course
  3. You all forget what Russia did wish chechnya. And Chechnya is Rissias own territory.

    Georgia is like the only little independent country wich says NO to Russsias interests. And Im pround to be Georgian
  4. Estonia says no to the Russian interests as well
    I understood the local people feel they want to be more Russian than Georgia, which cut off their electricity a few years ago too.
  5. The world is a much simpler and comforting place now that Russia is the enemy again. Godspeed little Georgia!
  6. georgia because putin is shit
  7. Estonia says no but Georgia fights! Wish #$%#ing best Russinas equipment in air and earth
  8. 'sif sakashvili is amazing lol
  9. I think the CIA is behind this anyway
  10. Russia tried to bomb the BP oil pipeline but they missed or it wasn'ty enough.

    That would have sent oil prices back up to $140 in a hurry.
  11. Yeah, I have to admit courage is something they're not lacking
  12. I hear they bombin your pipeline
  13. The oil company is to blame
  14. They bombing my dick with their mothers pussies
  15. Who the #$%# are you dickhead?
  16. Georgia obviously, Russia has no right to invade a souvereign state like they are now doing.
  17. A little man walks on the street. He sees three mean-looking skinheads. He goes to them and says: When you do your usual threesome thing in the night and the moonlight bounces off your heads and arses, doesn't that all get a bit confusing?

    Georgia did exactly that.

    I'm not supporting either one, because Russia shouldn't bomb civilian targets in Georgia and should totally abstain from the crisis. Georgia on the other hand has no right to do the same to Ossetia. But srsly, -1 to Georgia for stupid politics. It's not like that Russia attacked innocent Georgia entirely unprovoked in a stalinistic rage of expansionism. But Sakashvili likes NATO so they must be the good guys, right?
  18. That's just biased.
  19. I don't agree with Russia here at all
  20. Maybe you should declare war against China too. Just to make sure you're courageous enough.
  21. My country wouldn't be united without Shewardnatse, and it wouldn't have been split in the first place without Russia. So go figure, Georgia for sure. But fully aside of this fact, Georgian territory is Georgian business, nothing else. Russia doesn't like foreign influence on its own business either.

    And who would wonder that Estonians can't stand Russia, they blocked the Estonian internet for a whole week with botnet attacks because of some retarded soviet statue.
  22. I can understand Russia's actions here. Especially considering Georgia's own invasion of South Ossetia, it's totally understandable that Russia would move in and kick some Georgian ass.
  23. Georgia is under attack, so randomly the first thing Gemballa decides to do is return to
  24. haha sirusly

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