Georgia withdraws its troops

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  1. Georgia has announced the withdrawal of all its troops in South Ossetia.
    Russia has brought 10 000 more troops in Georgia and the black sea navy moved some warships to the Georgian coast.

    Russia claims Georgia still holds some key positions in South Ossetia and refuses to negotiate a cease fire until all troops have been withdrawn. Georgia and Russia have agreed to form two safe passages in order to evacuate the remaining civilians from Ossetia. Sakashvili told the reason for Georgian withdrawal is to prevent a humanitarian disaster.

    I really hope that Russia is going to keep its promise about the cease fire and the Georgian rumours about Russian intentions to invade the whole country aren't true.

    All the former Warsaw pact countries are strongly supporting Georgia and condeming Russia's actions. Ukraine threatened to prevent Russian warships form returning to their base in Sevastopol.
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  7. Quote from;

    Page last updated at 14:49 GMT, Sunday, 10 August 2008 15:49 UK

    Georgia 'calls Ossetia ceasefire'

    Georgia has ordered its forces to cease fire, and offered to start talks with Russia over an end to hostilities in South Ossetia, Georgian officials say.

    Earlier Georgia said its troops had pulled out of the breakaway region and that Russian forces were in control of its capital, Tskhinvali.

    Thousands of civilians have fled the area, following heavy fighting that broke out on Thursday night.

    The US has described Russia's actions as "dangerous and disproportionate".

    US Deputy National Security Adviser James Jeffrey warned that if the Russian escalation continued, it would have a "significant" long-term impact on relations between Moscow and Washington.

    Fighting in South Ossetia was reported to be less intense on Sunday, as Russian forces took control and Georgian troops drew back.

    Local residents fleeing the area on Sunday morning told the BBC there was continued fighting on the outskirts of Tskhinvali, although the city itself was relatively quiet.

    But Georgia said Russian jets were still carrying out bombing raids, including hitting a military airfield close to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.
  8. dammit, i hope this isnt all anti-climactic like Russia stamps it out and nothing comes of it.
  9. srsly gettin all exited and all of people already died

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