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  1. ALONSO is FASTER than YOU

    you should JUST SMILE AND BLOW ME
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    Austria 2002 (last 2 laps)

    I'm absolutely gob-smacked, I can't believe it's even allowed. Well Rubens has gotta be the toughest man in my book because if he can take that standing up, he's a better man than me. I do not believe it... AND VILLENEUVE's BLOWN UP!!

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    lol Villeneuve
  4. 100,000 euro fine is a joke, thats less than the retail of an F430

    I say they should be deducted 100 points, the cheating latin bastards
  5. It's even less, it's US$100,000.
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    Funny thing is they were just talking about this on Top Gear a couple of weeks ago when Rubens was the guest. Pretty big coincidence that in both cases the team whipping boy is Brazilian.
  7. loooool , this maybe the funniest comment i read about these incidents.
    and really its a strange coincidence. and Massa's race engineer was soo frustrated u can actually see his face turning red when the camera got him.
  8. Two years back also in Germany Kovalainen was ordered to let Hamilton pass so that he could go on and win the race. But of course only Ferrari can do evil, the other teams are all saints.

    I'm not defending what Ferrari did, never liked team orders. But I comprehend why teams some times use it. After all they are a team, and not just two individuals racing.
  9. Ya, I totally understand why they do it. No one's claiming it's fair, but it's in the best interest of the team.
  10. Still need to d/l this race from racing-underground

    Worth the download?
  11. It's not a matter of being fair or not, it's against the rules of the sport.
  12. Sure, but the race itself was pretty boring.

    BBC's post-race coverage and post-race forum were entertaining though.
  13. Be that as it may, the FIA hasn't enforced that rule seriously in the past. I'd be surprised if Ferrari were given anything more than a slap on the wrist.
  15. Quote from,

    Montezemolo: “The interests of the team come before those of the individual”

    Maranello, 26 July – The day after the splendid one-two finish at Hockenheim, the Ferrari President chose to express his satisfaction with this long awaited result, through the Scuderia’s web site. “I am very happy for all our fans who finally, yesterday, saw two Ferraris lead from start to finish as they dominated the race,” said Luca di Montezemolo in Maranello, where he reviewed the season so far along with Stefano Domenicali. “The result is down to the efforts of all our people, who never give up. Now we have to continue working like this, to improve the car so that is competitive at all the circuits we will encounter. Alonso and Massa also did very well, giving their all throughout the weekend. The polemics are of no interest to me. I simply reaffirm what I have always maintained, which is that our drivers are very well aware, and it is something they have to stick to, that if one races for Ferrari, then the interests of the team come before those of the individual. In any case, these things have happened since the days of Nuvolari and I experienced it myself when I was Sporting Director, in the days of Niki Lauda and not just then…Therefore enough of this hypocrisy, even if I can well believe that some people might well have liked to see our two drivers eliminate one another, but that is definitely not the case for me or indeed for our fans.”
  16. Frankly, they should just allow team orders in the rules.
  17. Agree 100%, Team orders is a part of the sport.
  18. I disagree strongly, drivers need to grow some balls and ignore orders like this. If you're the fastest and you're winning, you deserve to win.
  19. Then we will have bunch of drivers that will be looking for new seats after more or less every race as it say in most contracts that they must follow orders.
  20. How is that related to what I said?

    I'm not saying drivers should always obey team orders, i'm saying teams should give out orders if it benefits them.
  21. If drivers can ignore them, there isn't really a point in these team orders...
  22. But they cant as they have signed papers saying they will follow orders.
  23. The TEAM got the same amount of points whether it be massa first or alonso first. The contructors title is the TEAM title, the drivers title is the individual achievement.

  24. Why is everyone trashing FA?
  25. yeah but i dont think they wanted to risk a crash like what happened with redbull in turkey, in which case they could have risked throwing all of those points away

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