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Discussion in '1995 Renault Espace F1 Concept' started by MyWickedCorolla, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Dont ya think? its tha last thing youd expect but then, bam! speed. Other thatn that; Stop thinking if a car doesnt look as fast as it is its bad, common, this car's awsome, dont deny it, it just a little different, nothing wrong with being different is there?
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    Nope, nothing wrong with it, just that it looks some car racer wanted to bring his family on the racetrack, so he replaced the old engine with the one from his formula-one car. thats all.
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    Its engin is a little off of an F1 cars engin, no F1 has this much torque.
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    Get away with one person? Yeah sure, this only has 2 seats ya knoe?
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    what the hell????? look at the god damn picture, first of all it has four doors, then look through the windsheild...whats that? four seats!
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    this would be my dream car... when i have a family, take the wife shopping, take the kids to school, could lay a 800hp broggy out in front of all the kids.... yeah thats my kind of van
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    Hey "SupraMan" can you #$%#ing count?? STUPID SHIT!

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    And what do you drive?
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    Yah i dont think hes old enough to drive.
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    If he does and is old enough its probably a maestro.
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    or an 89 civic with a fart cannon and removed hubcaps
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    looks to me like some engineer is a genious. he turned a minivan into a pretty-much-everything-beater
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    Hello Nissan Skyliner,

    Sorry to post on the Renault thread, but I was very curious what pics you have of the CTR-3. I'm looking to buy another RUF, but maybe I'll wait for this car? Please let me know what you have. My e-mail is


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    really cool car, but it's butt-ugly!
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    na, it looks ok for a renault espace!

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