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  1. Can someone with some influence on this message board, please persuade the webmaster to include the Syclone. The slower, heavier and less rare Typhoon is listed. At first I thought, well the Syclone is a truck, so it won't be listed on a car site, but the Ford Lightning SVT is here. What gives?
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    I agree they need a Syclone and a Buick Grand National GNX , i mean they have a Dodge Spirit R/T but no Syclone or GNX ?
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    couldnt agree more, and in the past super cars they don't have any real buicks, olds, or anything cool. Hey, I like some asian cars just like everybody else, but now one must remember where true power originated with affordable American muscle!!!!
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    have you visited
    pretty sweet what they're doing in the dark places in north europe.
    i can honestly say it's amazing how many syclones have come to europe.
    im from the UK and i know everyone always minces on about how superb ferraris and the like are, but once in a while it's nice to see something like the syclone. it really does take the piss out of most sportscars, there are about three or four for sale for only about 14,000 pounds (probably $22.5k?) and that is incredible value.
    i must have one. and then spend money on it. lots of money. ive seen/heard of modified syclones hitting sub-9's on the 1/4 mile and although it isn't a superb handler, it can cruise round town and look damn sexy whilst doing so. and when i get to the lights and some muppet pulls up in a 355 i would be surprised if i didn't leave him behind.
    (whoever follows this post please dont start, the syclone has superb traction and an automatic gearbox - hold at 4000rpm and let of the brake and it will go. try that with the manky gateway gear system ferrari insists on fobbing of drivers with).
    i wonder if walter koening could be let loose on a syclone...the possibilities...
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    I totaly agree the syclone needs to be here along with the GNX. The Typhoon was last in the line of GM's turbo V6's. The typhoon would have never existed if the syclone was nver made and the syclone wouldn't be here if it werent for the GNX, so I say if you have one you need to have the rest.

    check out my typhoon site:
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    They need to put more stang busters like this on this site!
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    I agree, the syclone needs to be on this site.
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    hell yeah it should be on here!
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    A little late, but I totally agree. The Syclone and the GrandNational and/or GNX need to be on this site. If they've got the Typhoon, why wouldn't they have the others?

    Oh and yes I could see the TTA but the Sonoma GT? I dont think so, ya it's nice (similar styling to the Syclone) but it's not really that much a performance vehicle.
  11. Anything ever happen with this?

    Mod's: you dont care or just haven't seen this thread?

    I see you've got the 2000 GNX Concept, but not the real one?

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