Get the bug spray!

Discussion in '2000 Hyundai Neos Concept' started by TurboPorsche, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. help! step on it! it looks like a bug, some kinda of deformed freeky mutant bug...whith wheels

    but it does have a nice motor, 250HP from a n/a I4, GJ on the motor, Bad job on the styling
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    it'll never compete with the cars it's targeted at.
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    The design looks like plymouth's prowler, but it really doesn't if you have seen this car. I saw it so i can tell.

    the front end is ugly but there's supposed to be a v-shape bent intercooler mounted inside of the grill. it is, a very very big intercooler, which i've never seen that size before. even my evo vii's turbo and intercooler look small. Hyundai pushed this car to the production line but they realized that they can't hit the market. if this car comes out to the market, the price they attempted to sell is about $27000 usd. compare this price to the plymouth's prowler with $37000 usd price tag, sure you get a lot more from hyundai's.

    However, this car will not be on the production line until 2005(maybe, even hyundai not sure) and it won't be like accent or elantra type of vehicle. there will be somethin' special features to it.

    for those who say "hyundai sucks piece of shit", you do not know anything about the hyundai motor company and you sure don't know anything. The funniest thing people do is comparing vette vs mclaren stuff. you will never going to own those race tuned cars anyway. you're nothing but idiot.

    Front wheel drive tiburon has better performance than mit's evo on rally and mit's evo never won any rally that really counts. believe me, there are alot 0-60mph in low 3 sec tiburons around except in the US because american companies were afraid to import those, and they forced the government to keep them out of the country. but soon or later, they will come, and i want to see if you still can say whatever motor company you believe suck is really shit. you might be one who drives that shit later.

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    In my past experiences, Hyundais are even worse than Dodge's, and I've had a LOT of experience with unreliable Dodge's, I hear tell that modern Hyundai is about at the same level of build quality as Honda was in the late 80's, if so I'll lose my disrespect for them, but I won't believe it until I see it.

    As for rally racing, the Tibouron does NOT outperform the EVO's in SCCA, first of all, those Tibiuron's are modified with AWD, second of all the Tibouron's are only entered in the OPEN class, and as such they outperform GROUP-N EVO's. In other words, you have highly modified AWD Tibouron's that are faster than STOCK EVO's, great comparison alright.

    The Tibouron has the potential to be great, AFTER hardcore modifications.

    Eventually, Hyundai may earn my respect, but I will certainly NEVER drive one.

    Please note that this is NOT an ignorant point of view, this is an educated opinion, based on experience.

    BTW - IYO, how good was the Hyundai Pony? just curious on what you think about it.
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    every single tiburon on rally had the stock fwd not awd. the only thing add to it was a turbo+intercooler and cpl of strut bars. They never mods fwd to awd. you may be confused with ford fr200 focus. exactly the same modified tiburons as for rally are being sold for apprx. usd 30k.
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    yah this car is too far-fetched
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    looks like a transform cyborg wolverine(opinion)<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    What were they thinking when they built this car?
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    holy crud someone get a smasher this thing is ready to attack anyone.but i hope it doesnt sell cause i wont be caught dead in it.i can see it is ready to rip someone apart.
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    i pity the people who sit in this car in a car crash... sure, i'd love to see the car being crumpled into a coke can, but the poor passenger and the (not very smart) driver...

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