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  2. nope, i still wouldn't
  3. wow

    human bodies get pretty #$%#ed up looking when they're old. wtf all skeletal and shit!
  4. Dude, wtf is that chick wearing a leather suit?
  5. thats what you get for suntanning once you're over 25
  6. It burns.
  7. eeeeeewwwwww
  8. Oh God! Make it stop!
  9. I'd do that fat chick just to get that woman out of my mind. Ugh. Who the hell told her it was appropriate for people like her to wear such things in public?
  10. Implants on old ladies terrify me.
  11. do not want
  12. Probably the same person who insisted that you sticking up middle fingers all the time was equally appropriate.

  13. I don't do it ALL the time. Just when I'm being photographed.
  14. hahahahaha
  15. To be honest, I don't photograph well. I always look like a psychopath when photographed. So I decided that I'll just help it along.
  16. cut your hair, cut your hobobeard = instant photogenius
  17. Can't say I was aware that fake boobies would sag that much.

    Here's a question, what would old person who'd spent their life in zero-G would look like?
  18. seriously, w00t is right. Go spend 20 dollars on a nice haircut, shave your face, and buy a nice button up. It's really not that hard to look decent.
  19. Just when "the man" is trying to make me "conform".
  20. Well I just tasted my breakfast again, thanks a lot asshole.
  21. Am I the only one who thought our GILF here was semi-tappable?

  22. looks like that picture was taken in brazil......... one of pandabeat's neighbors I bet.... a neighbor he had relations with
  23. *mum

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