Gilles Villeneuve. My fellow driver.

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  1. Nice, it's still there, but no pics are there.

    It's a nice reading everytime I look at it!

    If you can put back pics it would be great.

    Even without pics it's already great.

    I enjoy the Dijon race so much!
  2. I should post back the pics.
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  4. Thanks mate.:)
  5. Only 15 pics... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> but awesome pics <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. Of course... you must register to get them in a decent size <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. I noticed that.
  8. you're very intelligent.
  9. Ok, the pics didn't want to show up, so I thought of posting one of mine about Gilles that you maybe didn't have yet. It's an ubermassive drift. Sadly I don't know on which circuit this picture has been taken. Enjoy!
  10. YES!! Sweet pic!

    Only Gilles could drift an F1 like that.
  11. I just got the video of Arnoux vs Villeneuve and all I have to say is....THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!
  12. Please do that.
    And if you have any links to clips of him racing, please upload them. I really want to see more of GV racing.
  13. Gilles was Da Man!
  14. 1981 Grand Prix Of Monaco winner.
  15. A master in rain.
  16. That's in 1981 at Argentina.
  17. 1981 Grand Prix of Spain winner, and what a win!

    Gilles Villeneuve started from 7th on the grid. That in itself was considered quite an achievement because Villeneuve's turbocharged Ferrari, although it was fast in a straight line, handled like a cow throughout the sixteen bends of the Jarama circuit. Villeneuve was quoted as saying his Ferrari was "a hopeless fast red Cadillac. It wallows all over the place with no grip at all."

    But once again, Villeneuve made up four places with a lightning start and found himself on the first lap close behind the Williams duo of Alan Jones and Carlos Reutemann. Gilles took Carlos under braking at the end of the first lap. On the 14th lap, Jones made an error while running with an eight second lead, ran off the road, and dropped to 15th place. Villeneuve inherited the lead, and he resolutely stayed there till the end despite enormous pressure from the closely following pack.

    Villeneuve's tire were run ragged within the first few opening laps. The powerful Ferrari was very quick down the straightaways but everyone expected it to fly off the track at any moment in any one of the many corners at Jarama. The frustrated train of drivers held up behind Villeneuve fought a dramatic battle amongst themselves, frequently swapping places. But not one of them managed to find a way past Villeneuve's Ferrari. Prost, Piquet, Andretti, and Pironi were forced to drop back, or out completely, after tangling with one another. On the final lap, Villeneuve crossed the line first followed closely by Laffite, Watson, Reutemann, and de Angelis. First to 5th place was separated by a mere 1.24 seconds!

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