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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. i have a date with my coworker tomorrow lol
  2. better tell hr
  3. nah. gonna keep it on the down low
  4. post pics of her on the internal email alias for lols
  5. There's nothing wrong with her wanting to take it slow, but if she genuinely seems disinterested, and doesn't show much effort to change that after you've brought that to her attention then I'd take it as a severe red flag.
  7. I'll pay you in funny mushrooms to do my plumbing.
  8. Mexicanest Arab ever.
  9. having a 2nd date on thursday. i need wine tips. i know she likes sauvignon blanc. what to look for?

    im terrible with wine.
  10. Order chianti instead
  11. Shave your face. No wonder this girl doesn't wanna kiss you
  12. im not getting a red wine. red lips/teeth and all
  13. That only happens with cheap wine, or if you don't brush your teeth daily
  14. nah, it'll eventually happen with enough of any red wine
  15. What is this bullshit?
  17. theres not enough red wine in the world to make me want to kiss remington
  18. Well yeah, eventually.
  19. You've been drinking bad wine.
  20. i bough a chilean sauvignon blanc

  21. These forums are the perfect place to ask advice about girls.
  22. only because you dont ineract with anybody else
  23. Great succes. Im hungover now though
  24. Do you think your're qualified to make this critisism , you don't even have male friends let alone a girl friend ... Hell you don't even have E friends on a site that you seem to spend a good majority of your time ...

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