Girl I recently dated "Accidentally" texted me

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by subaruguy, Mar 2, 2014.

  2. Jesus, the Corks is spreading like a virus.
  3. The only girls that don't play games are ones below 5/10 and/or ones who have been majorly burned in a previous relationship and are carrying a lot of baggage.
  4. nah
  5. Play the "asshole's finish first" card. Text her back and say something like, 'hey, I remember you! Let me know if you have a free night and want to get together, nothing serious."

    That has worked so well for me, albeit with girls I'd already plowed in the past. Either you'll turn her on with your indifference and you'll get laid, or you'll get her mad and have some entertaining texts.
  6. tell her you want to poop back and forth forever with her.

  7. fkin lol @ poop back and forth.

    i'd totally forgotten about that
  8. Shortsighted viewpoint.
  9. Come to Sydney and find out
  10. have you laid the pipe yet
  11. It's called accepting the game for what it is.

    Then again, there is the very high possibility that girls are less stuck up where you come from, which means we don't share the same perspective. When I was in NYC I was with slutty British chicks from the same hostel, so admittedly I didn't get much insight into what NYC girls are like.
  12. Excellent phrasing. I'd use that if I were still single .
  13. Considering they only dated for 3 months, that's not even all that asshole-ish. It's definitely worked for me in the past.

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