Girl tattoos boyfriend of 1 week on her arm

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, May 2, 2012.

  1. What do you mean
  2. id get her pregnant
    Its not every day you find someone who loves you that much
  3. I've dated 2 sarahs in a row. At various points it's reasonable to assume this is a common trait amongst saras.

    I lol'd at changing it to che.
  4. Didn that bumbles or whatever from sb emulate this with her bf on april fools day?
  5. Yeah that was Kitsune.
  6. Yeah that was da kamp
  7. 'this is a long time coming' after saying they've only been dating a week.

    not that great a fake post
  8. were they both in on it i take it?
  9. it was 7 years by that time.
  10. This is great
  11. people are dumb
  12. this is like my relationship
    fell in love with a porn star
    got married in the bathroom
    honeymoon on the dance floor
    got divorced by the end of the night
    thats one hell of a life
  13. oh kanye west lyrics
    thats not tired at all

  14. Does noisy sun ever post anymore
  15. Only every hour on facebook
    with something Very Sassy
  16. oh shes one of those is she

  17. sounds logical to me
  18. Hope it's real.
    (for my own selfish amusement)

    Also LOL @ Veyronman's "hours wasted" ranking.
  19. i hope the baby doesnt turn out to be a 20 something unemployed gamer like his dad
  20. Lol
  21. the real dad .. arent they divorced or something
  22. Ya but he still had a big d and lays the pipe just right
  23. Or whatever

    Marry me alfon

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