Giulia SS

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  1. Dear members of SCN, please donate 175k to me :rolleyes:

    So, I was browsing the web looking for 1600 and 1750 Juniors. Only found cars out of my budget. Should have pulled the trigger when I found one in Germany 5 years ago. Anyway, then I came across this lovely blue Sprint Speciale. No more words are needed

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  3. I also really need to win a lottery this week just for the monaco auctions
  4. Of another order, but have you ever dealt with an mg rv8 roadster?
  5. I need that eb110
  6. I've delt with V8 MGBs but those were the last MGs to make it over here. never delt with an offical rv8 though
  7. ah ok, one of my family members is currently trying to buy one from the UK atm. Almost pristine condition.
  8. IIRC a lot of them went to Japan
  9. if you have any questions I'm sure I can provide some info for you as those engines are the same that are in the TR8 and I'm extremely familiar with them.
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