Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire!

Discussion in '2002 Acura DN-X Concept' started by Wheelman, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. I don't care what anybody says. This is ridiculous. All these new cars with their diddly-shit electronic assist engines and frooty-ass transmissions are for losers. I will never, ever buy a car with these hippie design features. I want gasoline and a normal 5 or 6 speed shift gate transmission. All this Tiptronic, autostick, sequential gear clutchless crap is taking the fun out of motoring. Stick to what works. If you need an alternative power source, build cars that run on methanol. It's clean burning, and you can make it in your garage! I hate the new direction cars are taking. Give me a real car and kiss my ass.
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    Give me fuel, give me fire, give me a car which we desire...nope, not this one!
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    The Metallica lyric caught my eye so i hadta read seem to be drifting away from drivers and bonding more with idiots. keep the clutch and sweet 94 octane, sink or swim, errr; drive or walk!!!

    peace all

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    Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire!

    All be all for this new stuff... once they start making new stuff that goes 252.3 mph... Until then I'm all set with loving the Veyron.
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    Yeah, let's not even think about the environmental effects of gasoline. In 50 years, gasoline will be gone if we keep using it like we are. Hydrogen as a fuel and gasoline-electric technology is relatively new and will continue to improve. Electric power provides IMMEDIATE torque, and hydrogen is in virtually infinite supply from the ocean.

    I do prefer gasoline-powered cars over any other also, but auto-enthusiasts need to be open to new possibilities and need to be aware that most others in the world do not care as much about the speed and instead are wanting to be able to see the sky again.
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    I love the sound of a gas powered V-8 as much as the next guy, but purely ignorant attitudes such as these are why we are running out of petroleum in the first place. 50 years, not 500 or 5000 years, the world may run out of gasoline and other fossil fuels if consumption is kept at the current levels. Alot of us may see that time in our lifetimes. That means, no oil, no gasoline, no natural gas, and currently the biggest source of hydrogen comes from natural gas, a fossil fuel. (I know someone mentioned the ocean and getting hydrogen from H2O, which is very possible but...), but it is very difficult and expensive to separate H2O molecules. Much to expensive and complicated to produce enough for the world to use as fuel currently. Cars like this will but us time to find an economical way to produce H2.
    Cars like this are the cars of the future, get used to it! If not, we can all go around driving our big V-8's that are lucky to get 15 mpg. Don't think I am attacking American cars only, Lambo's and Ferrari's are lucky to get above 12 in the city. Sure there are few of those kinds of vehicles in the world, but what about minivans and sport utes and trucks?? They are the majority of all car sales here in the U.S., and just as guilty of being thirsty vehicles. Unless something is done, you will be pushing around your cars, because only the rich will have enough $$$ to but a gallon of gas when it is so rare that it goes for $20.00 a gallon. Embrace technology and try not to let your caveman club get in the way.
    Cars like this DNX will be the supercar of the future. It may not rumble, but it will fly. I'll take a fast, clean, quieter car over a slower dirty loud car any day. More and more of these will be made, so get used to it.

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