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  1. It's not THAT bad. You can fit a fair amount of small things in there (like bags of groceries), but large single objects are a problem. The trunk on my MR2 Turbo was quite a bit more useful (and there was the frunk). I just wish the Miata's was large enough to hold a golf bag. I don't currently own a car and my brother (who owns a '95 M) and I like golf... that doesn't work out well.
  2. I couldn't even put pizza bags in my trunk.

    EDIT: And the only way a bag of groceries is going to fit is if you put it in on its side, in which case groceries will go everywhere.
  3. Maybe the NAs are different than NBs. My brother and I have gone grocery shopping together and fit almost all of it in the trunk. We couldn't fit big things like paper towels. And by bags of groceries I mean plastic bags... who uses paper these days?
  4. I could fit plastic bags in as long as nothing in them was more than 8" tall or so. And I use paper. Basically, the trunk is worthless.
  5. The trunk depends on whether or not you keep the spare in there, too. That thing eats up quite a bit of space.
  6. there's a guy on DS with a second gen Miata (NB, right?) that's had some trouble with it - shot rear differential, halfshaft, some other smaller stuff. he still loves it to death.

    the 1.6L takes to boost very well if you're thinking about that. The first gen are also considerably prettier. Plus second gen started in 1998, right? And they're probably more expensive for not a much different car.
  7. I know that I want one.
  8. No it doesn't.
  9. haha, you took the bait.
    The C4 I drove had non-run crap tires, and I dont know if it was a Z51 or not, could have been. But it definetly held more speed in corners.
  10. fordracing took the bait
  11. So, you know nothing about the car you drove, but because the one you drove felt fast (what, were you looking at the speedo through all the corners?), all C4s handle better than Miatas?
  12. Sounds pretty logical to me!
  13. why doesnt someone actually take the time to find the stats and then figure it out.
  14. Numbers don't tell the whole story.
  15. they help. not only that its stupid to argue about what someone feels, becuase everyone else will feel something different. Just having affection for one car will lead that person to say its better when it may not be. So get the numbers, those are concrete, they are universal.
  16. They aren't universal, though. Throw the right tires on a Silverado, and it'll achieve 0.80 gs or greater.
  17. DragStrip doesn't even know anything about the specific C4 he drove, so I can't look up some standard C4 numbers and compare.
  18. lighter, more flingable, and i love the revs made by it. i got the 2.0 protege, the 1.6 can make more power and rev faster/higher.
  19. The vette was a '92 A4, Im assuming it was a base model because, like I said it was an A4, I would expect the Z51s to be M6s.
    Miata was a 99 I think, also an A4.
  20. I tried. I couldn't find any numbers for the Corvette. I didn't bother looking up numbers for the Miata as it was pointless w/o the Corvette numbers.
  21. Like I said, you know nothing about the car you drove. You said it wasn't on run-flat tires, so which tires was it on? Any other mods? Etc.
  22. Dragstrip ruined the whole concept of this thread.
  23. Bone stock, was on goodyear eagle F1 GS's. Miata was also stock.
  24. god forbid I defend the truth.
  25. What does the C4 have to do with a thread titled "Give me Miata Info"

    Why dont we throw in the 300ZX, Supra, Rx7, 3000GT/Stealth, RT10 while we're at it...

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