Give me Miata info!

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by bucknutz, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. HAHA
  2. Read the first page.
  3. An automatic Miata?? There's your problem.
  4. Like most, it was owned by an older lady.
  5. That's far from his only problem.
  6. I grew up with C4s when my dad used to sell them. They're shit, they don't perform worth a damn, and even if you can get one to go fast you hate life having to drive it.
  7. So this older lady just handed you the keys to her automatic Miata at which point you put it through it's paces, taking to or near it's limit, for an extended period of time. Right?
  8. It seems youve never driven an LT1 C4.
  9. Shes a neighbor down the street from me. She was selling he car for something more practical, and asked me if I knew anyone who would want to buy it. She told my friend and I to take it for a spin. Her husband said you could get around faster on foot, but it handles pretty well, go take it on some back roads. This forum hypes the car up way too much, it really couldnt live up to how its made out to be here.
  10. For the love of god, go away.
  11. What you want is a WS6 trans am. You want to spend more on petrol, so you can spin the tires in the church parking lot. Also, if anything is overhyped on this forum, it's the "handling" of the f-bodies.

    Remember, a trans am will get you from home to school upwards of 2 minutes faster than a Miata.
  12. Of course! It's the perfect solution!
  13. who the #$%# cares. To get the most out of a small displacement engine like that you need a manual.
  14. yay for second accounts!
  15. I've really gone to lengths to hide it was a second account. Way to sleuth, Woodward.
  16. I OWN ONE, and I'm telling you it's not overhyped. You probably drove the slowest Miata on the planet (fordracing's excluded lolololololol), shut the hell up.
  17. I know you own one, its obvious by how much of a cry baby your being. You owning one doesnt disprove anything. They are very overhyped here. But since youll probably take this post the wrong way, like most do, Ill make things black and white for you. The Miata is NOT a bad car, I didnt say anything about it being bad, or not being able to handle, or that anyone shouldnt own one. Anytime I call it a 'chick car' its just to get a rise out of fordraping.
  18. Yeah. This forum is the only place in the world that praises the MX5. What's wrong with us?!
  19. Dude, we're ricers.
  20. JDM, y0. #$%# that domestic shit.
  21. I want a big, black, long Trans Am between my thighs.
  22. Theres a big difference between praising, and overexaggerating.
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  24. From you, that's rich.
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