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  1. Well your definition of handling is wrong then. You could bolt slicks onto just about any car and do that. Next you're gonna be quoting skid pad figures, Mr USA!
  2. lol
  3. None of that matters if you can enter and maintain the corner at higher speed. Your whole point makes no sense. For instance, a Miata can enter and exit a corner fast than a Honda Civic DX (for example), but has more power. Handling is handling. It has nothing to do with the engine. A turbocharged Miata with double the stock power will still handle as good as a stock Miata if all else remains the same.
  4. So you're telling me if a dragster has an entry speed of 320 mph, it doesn't handle well?
  5. To you a good handling car is one that turns, to me its one that can turn at high speeds.

    "A turbocharged Miata with double the stock power will still handle as good as a stock Miata if all else remains the same."

    Thats hypothetical, this is my main argument. Before Fordracing jumps in, im not talking about race prep'd cars.

    Forget about the price, which handles better: S2000 or Miata?

    The obvious answer is the S2000 because it can do what the Miata can but at higher speeds. It goes into a corner faster, maintains mid corner speed, and has a faster exit speed.

    To me, that defines a good handling car..not one where 'wow i turned the steering wheel and it turned without understeering' my mums Ford can do that if i go in slow enough

    Get it?
  6. Is this a joke?
  7. No, you see, you are the one that doesn't get it.

    I don't see what's so #$%#ing hard to comprehend here.

    If car "A" is traveling at 60mph down a straight road, approaches a bend, maintains that speed through it and exits at 60mph, does it handle better than car "B" if it can do the same?

    You're talking about accelerating from a standstill around a curve or something. Or braking and acclerating while going through a series of corners. That's handling in ADDITION to acceleration/braking, not just handling.

    This should be a pretty #$%#ing simple concept.

    EDIT: And my stock/modified Miata comparison is absolutely relavent, even if it is "hypothetical".
  8. Just because I hate the Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash doesn't mean you have to take me seriously all the time.
  9. I wanted to make sure that I just wasn't missing something or that I just wasn't getting some point you were trying to make. I figured it was either that or you were joking as I know you're not a dumbshit. I was just making sure.

    Suns/Nash RULZ. And Nash is averaging even better numbers so far this (very, very young) season!!!1
  10. ...

    Im done with this.
  11. Good God you're so predictable.
  12. Good. You're still wrong and everyone knows it.
  13. How can anyone hate Steve Nash? He's the new Kidd.
  14. And a damn good guy.
  16. Cornering speeds are limited by lateral grip. No amount of horsepower is going to make your car be able to maintain more speed through a turn. A miata can pull as much sustained lateral g's in a turn as an S2000 can with equivalent tires. The S2000 will have a higher average speed down the straights, but that's not handling. Apparently you are unfamiliar with the fact that cars have to brake before 99% of turns. You don't just drive around with your foot on the gas the whole way around the track.
  17. He didn't deserve to win 2 MVPs, this is fact.

    Also, Kidd was better. At least he played for a two titles.

    Career numbers:

    Kidd: 14.6, 9.2, 6.5, 2.0

    Nash: 13.5, 7.1, 2.8, 0.8

    That's points, assists, rebounds, and then steals. Kidd was way better, and I'd still rather have him on my team, since he plays defense too.

    Also, Miatas are pretty cool.
  18. Yes EVERY SINGLE CAR can only go around a corner at the exact same speed i cant believe those stupid magazines and car shows that tell us they have been able to get more speed through a corner than the other car..those bloody idiots.

    Im just thankful that this is only limited to this site, because everyone else i know and talked to (including former owners) agrees with me that its be PC...hairdressers car.
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    Here are some thoughts from a guy who has driven both

    "I've owned Miatas in the past. They are well made and fun to drive. Miatas are little nervous, but not so much. They make great commuters and above average driver's cars.

    I have driven the S2000 twice. It has a rev happy engine and great connection to the road. These qualities make it perfect for the person who wants to take their car to the limit on empty roads or at the track."

    "..Well, like I said, I've only driven the Honda twice. Both times was all out on a closed track.

    The Honda definitely left my Miata in the dust"
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    The S2000 also costs 1/3 more than the Miata.
  21. And so it should, because its what a roadster should be.

    The MX5 is for people who want people to know they driver a convertiable, i put it in the same class as the Ford capri

    EDIT: i dont know what you call them over there, but they are those pathetic convertiables that Ford has.
  22. The Miata is all a roadster should be also, it just costs less.
  23. I guess you can't read either.
    "as much as" =/= "the exact same"
    A miata has just as much lateral grip as an S2000 does with the same tires. If you want to go find a test of the two cars with the same tires and the same track conditions go right ahead. I own and race a miata and have driven serveal S2000's. Obviously, you know more than me since you haven't driven them. I'm still waiting for you to explain how simply having more power makes the S2000 have higher cornering limits than the miata.
  24. 'As Much As' doesnt meant exact the same? Ok

    Simple Answer? Easy, it handles better thus able to carry higher cornering speeds letting the driver...wait for it...go through the it comes...faster!
  25. "it handles better"
    Wow, very scientic proof there. Sounds like you really know what you're talking about.

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