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Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by bucknutz, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. I wouldn't even waste anymore time. People can either respect what a Miata is in the racing community or they can make ignorant insecure "Hairdressers car" comments and not take their knowledge past Top Gear and Motor Trend magazines.
  2. You actually need that to be explained to you? What rock do you live under?
  3. And so be it, to me its a hairdressers car that i wouldnt be caught dead in.

    I never said i didnt respect it, if you read my original comment i said it was 'over-rated on this website' which i believe it is.

    I've said this many times, its a good car but not for me..why is that so hard to understand?
  4. Yes, explain. You haven't even driven both cars but you know one handles better.
  5. Comparing it to the Capri is a bit harsh.

    The MX5 is a proper front engined RWD roadster. Just as much as so as an S2000.

    Your comments about the lack of power making the MX5 handle good are made void by the MX5 SP that Mazda Aus did a limited run of.
  6. Yeah the SP was a great car, its what the MX5 should be.

  7. Okay.

    Now take back that Capri comment <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  8. There is nothing over-rated about it. Especially when this site is primarily college students who dont have alot of money to spend on a car. The miata is arguably the best car for handling and entry level racing period. Find an S2000 for under $6k...Find a racing organization more common than spec miata. Find S2000 community bigger than a miata community. Find a better handling car that is not only cheap, but cheap to modify into a race suspension and hold it's own in the twisty sections with vette/viper/porsches on tight road courses.

    Overexposed maybe (but so is every freaking thread on this site.) Overrated no freaking way.
  9. Thats how i seriously view it, you dont understand how much i dislike the car. Yes its a good one is arguing that, i just would never be caught dead in one. The 'typical' owner has done that to me, as some would never drive a matter how good the Civic is the whole 'rice' attitude has put people off as has the typical MX5 owner done to me.
  10. Problem is, i dont look at what $6k can get me...its a very American mentality (911 Vs Z06 for example) and one which i dont care about.

    If i want a roadster, i'd wait till i could afford something better.

  11. Great...So why post S2000 and a bunch of other crap in a thread specifically dealing with Miatas and a $5k price limit.
  12. Because i dont care about the price, the S2000 was an example of what a roadster 'should be'. To me if i wanted a budget roadster i'd go the the S2000, you then have your bimmers..Porsches..etc etc.

    Bang for buck means nothing to me, its not what i look for in a car. You'll never see me making a thread saying 'Ive got $10k, what car should i buy?"
  13. No, every car will pull different speeds around the same corner. You just fail to realize it has nothing to do with how much power they output.

    EDIT: And I'd definitely argue that the Miata as much of, if not more of, a "pure roadster" than the S2000.
  14. Ok we are going around in circles

    Im wrong, im an idiot, i've never speak ill of the Miata again.

    Miata FTW!
  15. It's not that you're speaking "ill of the Miata" or that you're wrong about the Miata's handling. It's that you're wrong about handling period.
  16. The thing I don't understand is your views of people who hate the Civic for that very reason. If you're so against people who dislike the Civic because of it's 'apparent' r1c3r status (and yes, we both know the Civic isn't at all worthy of that tag), then why would you put the MX5 under some negative umbrella when you're so anti that sort of thing?

    I don't get it. No flame fest. Just looking for a reason.
  17. More power doesn't mean it can go faster around a corner. More lateral grip means it can go faster around a corner. By your reasoning, a Mustang GT should be able to go around a corner faster than an Exige. Please tell me you don't think a GT can go around a corner faster than an Exige.

    EDIT: Even if you put the GT on the same tires as the Exige, it's not going to keep up in corners.
  18. No, what i said is because it has superior handling it means it can carry more speed into a has nothing to do with extra power
  19. The rest of the world isn't effected by budget constraints?
  20. Why in the world is that easier to do when you're lacking power? Having extra power would obviously help you accelerate faster when you're coming out of the corner, but it wouldn't do a #$%#ing thing when you're actually in the corner. If you have a 160 hp Miata and a 275 hp Miata, the higher-powered one isn't going to be able to take a corner any faster than the lower-powered one. In a corner, you're limited by grip, not power. Not to mention that there's a lot more to handling than lateral grip.

    And why the hell are you comparing the S2000 to the Miata and acting like you've proved your point? No shit the S2000 is faster. Nobody is arguing that. The fact that the S2000 is faster certainly doesn't mean that the Miata doesn't handle well.
  21. Actually I have to slightly disagree. In FWD applications it is important to have sufficient power to be able to pull threw the corner when it starts to oversteer. Of course this is a track setup car and is not really the safest thing for the road.

    The miata is a great handling car and can really dance. In its class it has been very dominant until this year when it got its ass seriously handed to it by the Solstices at the SCCA Solo Nationals. The Solstice seems to be able to even take on the S2000. I was surprised.
  22. What does that have to do with me? Im giving you reasons why i dont like it.
  23. Tell that the KcCheifs, also i've stated why i mentioned the S2000.

    Also, if you cant see why lacking power would help handling then there is no point trying to explain it. Like i said earlier, this is going nowhere and im sick of arguing.

    Good luck in your purchase, i hope you have many enjoyable miles with it.
  24. You said more power means more speed means better handling, so yes, you did say power equates with handling.
  25. Find me where i said that.

    I've said nothing about the S2000 being more powerful, i said the Miata lacks power hence its able to corner better.

    I said the S2000 has superior handling thus enabling it to carry more speed into a corner.

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