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  1. Is there a Gm and McLaren partnership? The 2001 Cadillac LMP car had Mclaren turbos or something from McLaren. And the old McLaren racers had Chevy V8s. Is there something going on?
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    the old McLaren Can-Am racers used to be Chevy-powered. but the Cadillac LMP has nothing to do with McLaren at all.
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    The 2001 Cadillac LMP had help from mclaren.
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    let me clarify myself. Cadillac got help from McLaren Performance Technologies, Inc. which has NOTHING to do with the McLaren F1 team or its associates.
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    like i said, Cadillac didnt get help from the McLaren Formula-1 team. they got help from the McLaren Performance Technologies, Inc. in Livonia, Michigan that was a remenant of the old McLaren Can-Am days with Bruce McLaren and David Hulme. here is their main page:

    today, McLaren International and McLaren Performance Technologies, Inc. are distant cousins of the same predecessor.
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    ohhhhhhhh, ok. Thanks for the info
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    i saw one that was street legal and the carburater air cleaner was sticking out. is that the same as the m6gt?
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    Hmmm, I think so.
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    Mclaren is under Daimler Chrysler
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    Only the racing program. And DCX dosnt own McLAren but they are partners
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    Wow. So many people that don't know anything. Mercedes-Benz has a "partnership" with McLaren Internaional -- Mercedes owns 40% of McLaren. Mercedes also has a partnership with Damler-Chrysler evident in the ME Four-Twelve. There is NO direct linkage between McLaren and Chrysler.
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    nobody owns mclaren....but they do hav partners...

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